Pre-blast for the week of 12/20/21


  Rundown of the Beatdowns for this week:


  • Monday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Q: Web
    • Rumble → Q: Gepetto(JAX)
  • Tuesday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Run/Ruck
    • SouthPaw – Sharpie
  • Wednesday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Govna
    • SouthPaw – Wee Man
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • Grayskull (W. Flo HS) → : Ruck, Distance or Speed work
  • Friday: 0530 am
    • 3rd F DIY Place→ Q: Nurse Jackie 2.0 Christmas Party
  • Saturday : CHRISTMAS DAY (No Workouts)

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3rd Annual Royal Rumble – TBD

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Upcoming 3rd F Opportunities:

When: 12/24 @ 7a

Where: DIY Place (157 W Evans Street)

What: 2.0 Christmas Party

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