Pre-blast for the week of 5/16/21

    Rundown of the Beatdowns for this week:   Monday: 0530 am Scrooge → Q: BoucherRumble → Q: Night Light Tuesday: 0530 am Scrooge → Run/Ruck Wednesday: 0530 am WARPATH → Q: YOU Thursday: 5:30 am Grayskull (W. Flo HS) → : Ruck, Distance or Speed work Friday: 0530 am 3rd F Ebenezer Youth... Continue Reading →

12 is the new 15

When: 7am Where: Scrooge Who: CDC, Yo-Gi, Monkey, Weeman, Frodo, bunker, nightlight, Flanders, SF, Boucher, thriller, airhead, Belding, web, kimchi, musk, Pom Pom, pinto. What:  disclaimer  warmup  12 low and slow squats 12 little arm circles x 2 60 4-count flutter kicks Mosey around Ebenezer Church and back to tennis courts. 12 corners 1-12 reps... Continue Reading →

Wee Man Wednesday – AB-tastic Superman

The Scene: RUMBLE - 70°, windy, beautiful gloom PAX: Wee Man (QIC), Geppetto, Nurse Jackie, Frodo, CDC, Sharpie, Dunkin, Night Light, Pom Pom, Pinto, Moodle Disclaimer: I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / I told you this was going to suck / you should have stayed home today if you... Continue Reading →

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