How To Post To The Site

If you’ve Q’d or will Q, you’ll need these instructions.

If you haven’t received an invitation to set up a WordPress account, fill out the F3 Registration at

Indicate that you need site rights, and an email from WordPress will come to you with Author rights.

Set up a username and password in WordPress.  Use your F3 Name for your User name. Use a password that’s easy to remember.

From that point you should be able to click the “Login” button on the menu bar and proceed with the following steps.

Navigate to the top of the page where it says Write and press the button.


Add a title (Preblast (pre-workout) or Backblast (post workout)) and some hash tags or other witty, funny or thematic stuff.



For a Preblast there’s no real format.  Just try to draw attention to your Q and WO. Make sure to mention the AO (area of operation; Ebenezer) and if it’s your first Q.

For a Backblast, list the QIC, followed by the Pax, the number (e.g., (23)) and all the Pax names, including your name even though you listed yourself as the Q. You can highlight visiting Pax and list out FNG count too. Example:

Then, write up your Weinke (the workout set you divised).  You can add pictures (be careful with copyright and nothing dirty), links to videos (Youtube videos pop up in the body), etc.  Try to be creative.  Look at past Backblasts for inspiration.  

On the right side under Categories and Tags (or on mobile it’s under the gear), please select the workout (each day has a name, ex:  M: Incubator, T: Bag of Wrenches, W: the Bridge, Th: Temple of Gloom, Sat (S): Ruiner, Sat (P): the Fog).  This will associate your post with the right AO and workout.

Once you hit Publish, the post automagically goes to Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to share it on Twitter to your specific AO.

 You can also schedule your post to publish in the future.  This is handy if you have time to write your post but don’t want to publish it immediately.  

Using the mobile site is similar and just as easy.

If you Q and you are on Twitter (which you should be), after your Q please do a quick Pax # and FNG # Tweet tagging @F3Florence (and your AO twitter handle if you know) with the hashtag #F3Counts, or contact your site Q with the count so they can post it.  

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