If God is good, why do we hurt?

Date: 4/26/19 QIC: Squatter Pax: CDC, Swan, Spam, Kevin Hill (Squatter's Uncle), Broadway, Dipstick, Yogi, Clay (works with Belding) If God is good, why do we hurt? "The problem of evil" is not a contradiction. God can be good, all-knowing, and sovereign AND still allow or even cause pain and suffering. 1. Sometimes pain is... Continue Reading →

Relay, Relay, Relay…

Date: 4/24/19 QIC: Squatter Pax: Yogi, Belding, Gov'na, Broadway, Big Worm, Thriller, Flasher, Flanders Warm up: 2 laps around Hoppa's Yard @80% 20 SSH High knees Butt kicks Fast Mosey to Trinity parking lot Relay 1: Bearcrawl to first light pole Crawlbear to start (While waiting, team performing big boy sit-ups) Relay 2: Lunge to... Continue Reading →

Moist Metal Monday

Date: 2/18/19 QIC: Squatter Pax: Dizzy, Flasher, Johnny 5, Swan, Speedwalker, Big Worm, Moped, Ginger, Thriller, Pinto, Belding, Squatter, Butter Milk (FNG, McCall Chapman?) Conditions: 50s with a light drizzle The Thang: 2 mins per station, 10 stations (2 rounds) *As we were running out of time, the Q may have shaved the time at... Continue Reading →

Discerning God’s Will

Date: 2/1/19 QIC: Squatter PAX: CDC, Spam, Ginger, Yogi, Jefferson, Swan, Dipstick, Mr. Rogers, Sega (2.0), Squatter Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. - Romans 12:2 How... Continue Reading →

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