“Hills & Ladders?!”

6.21.2021 THE SCENE: 75, Warm THE PAX: Booger, Moodal, Dipstick, Wee Man, Frodo, Squatter, Pom Pom, CYHMN QIC: Yogi F3 WELCOME AND DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Mosey to W Claremount Ave and hung a right Pain station #1 Squats x10 IC Pain station #2 Imperial Walkers x10 IC QIC: "Aight, let's mosey" THE THANG: "Ladders on a... Continue Reading →

Baseball Field Fun

QIC: Web PAX: Ginger, Belding, Big Worm, Bunker, Govna', Thriller, Web(QIC), Boucher, Pinto Warmup: 1 Lap around Hopper's Yard 10 Side Straddle Hops10 Merkins10 Imperial Walkers10 Through the Tunnels26 Mountain Climbers Workout: 1 Lap around Hopper's Yard Mosey to the baseball field's home plate Round the Bases and Outfield (exercise at each base x 10, exercise between bases, then... Continue Reading →

Picnic Area Fun

Conditions:Cold, discombobulating, and rainyQIC: Web (aka Dark Web)PAX: Big Worm, Thriller, Belding, Bunker, Web (Dark Web and QIC)Warmup:- 20 x Mountain Climbers- 20 x Flutter Kicks- 12 x Hello Dollies- 12 x Box Cutters- 10 x Imperial WalkersThe Thang:20 x LBCs20 x Squats20 x Dips20 x Merkins16 Gas Pumpers4 Rounds of the Following:40 second Air... Continue Reading →

“What, Warm-Up?!”

5.3.2021 THE SCENE: 65, Warm THE PAX: Foxy, Kimchi, Thriller, Bunker, Squatter, Web QIC: Yogi F3 WELCOME AND DISCLAIMER WARM-O-RAMA: Mosey to Grove Blvd and hung a left LACs Reverse LACs SSH Imperial Walkers QIC: "Aight, let's mosey" THE THANG: "Catch Me If You Can" (w/ jump ropes) Mosey through the neighborhood (The Grove) Partner... Continue Reading →

Multiples of 3 Leave It Be

4/28/21QIC: Web Pax:Thriller, Billy Ho, Big Worm, Pinto, Bunker, Thunderbird, Glow Stick, Belding, Socrates, Web(QIC) Warmup: 9 x Through the Tunnel18 x Frankensteins 9 x Merkins 9 x Burpees OYO9 x Hello Dollies9 x Box Cutters The Thang: Mosey to Hopper's Yard with block (far side), Murder Bunny to the other side, Mosey with block... Continue Reading →

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