Pre-blast for the week of 11/29/20


  Rundown of the Beatdowns for this week:


  • Monday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Q: Pinto
    • Rumble → Q: Night Light (VQ)
  • Tuesday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Run/Ruck
  • Wednesday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Q: Nurse Jackie
    • Rumble → Q: Wee Man
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • 0500 Pre WOD
    • Grayskull (W. Flo HS) → : Ruck, Distance, Speed work or IPC (Iron Pax Challenge)
  • Friday: Scrooge
    • 0530 am→ Xmas Party
  • Saturday
    • 0700 → Scrooge → Nurse Jackie 2.0 Workout
  • Sunday: 0530 – ~0700
    • Syrup (Maple Park)→ : Ruck or Run

Q Calendar Link:

We need some Qs this week so SIGN UP BELOW!  

Upcoming CSAUPS:

Details: 12 Dec 2020
Distance: 5 mile ruck
Timing: 0530 from Scrooge.
18 min/mile pace to ensure maximum participation in Saturday F3 convergence.
Extra Fun: Wear your Ranger Panties AND/OR a Santa Hat.
Patches will be available for $5.00 or I can get them in bulk for $3.50 if we have strong participation. (See Cinnamon)

Upcoming 2F Opportunities:

F3 Xmas Party

When: 12/4/2020 @ 0530

Where: Ebenezer Church Youth Building

F3 Nation 10 Year Anniversary:
F3 Nation turns 10 years old on Jan. 1st 2021. To celebrate the nation is coming together at F3 Cape Fear near Wilmington, NC on Jan 15th – 17th. There will be lots of fitness, fellowship, and faith taking place this weekend. With the ability to meet pax from all over the nation. For more details and to register checkout

See ya in the gloom!


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