Pre-blast for the week of 8/17/20


Rundown of the Beatdowns for this week:

  • Monday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Q: Periscope
    • Rumble → Q: Spirit Fingers
  • Tuesday: 0530 am
    • Scrooge → Run/Ruck
  • Wednesday: 0530 am
    • Warpath → : Florence Civic Ctr
      Held every 3rd Weds of each month.
      40min AMRAP to help you get better.
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • 0500 Pre WOD Q
    • Grayskull (W. Flo HS) → : Ruck or Distance or Speed work
  • Friday: Scrooge
    • 0500 Ruck Core WOD
    • 0530 am→ 3rd F Q: Belding
  • Saturday
    • 0600 Pre WOD/ 5k Run → Scrooge
    • 0700 → Scrooge → Q: Wee Man (Bring a Center block)
  • Sunday: 0530 – 0700
    • Syrup (Maple Park)→ : Ruck or Run


Q Calendar Link:

If you’re interested in leading a workout take a gander at the link below! 

IronPax: Get registered now! Each week during the month of September there will be a specially designed workout to compete with pax from all regions. Checkout the Slack channel iron-pax-challenge
Opportunities to complete the workout throughout September.

See ya in the gloom!

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