The Reaper

Demo map:

Estimated distance: ~6.5 miles

Actual distance: 6.36 miles

Date: 10/22/2022

PAX: Keds, Cinnamon, Pom Pom, Sharpie, Speedwalker, Urkle, YoYo Mama, Bionic, Belding, Big Hurt, Thriller, Boucher, Web (QIC)


  1. 10x SSHs IC
  2. 10x Though the Tunnels IC
  3. 10x Imperial Walkers IC

The Thang


Start off in the Scrooge parking lot. Mosey around the baseball field stopping at 4 different stations to do exercises:

  1. 22x Forward Lunges
  2. 22x Plank Jacks and Carolina Dry Docks
  3. 22x Merkins, LBCs, and Backwards Lunges
  4. 22x Tire Flips and Low and Slow Squats (any order for reps)

Tennis Courts

Mosey to the tennis courts to the right of the practice wall:

There do 4 Corners of Pill Pushers:
22x LBCs
Pill push to the end of the 2nd tennis court
22x Mountain Climbers
Pill push across the short side of the tennis court to the corner
22x Carolina Dry Docks
Pill push down to the far corner of the 1st tennis court by the parking lot
22x Bonny Bliars (1 ct.)
Pill push back to starting point

Rail to Trail Entrance

Mosey across the road, and over to the entrance of rail trail where you do the following:

3 Rounds of the following set

  1. 10x Monkey Humpers
  2. 20x Dying Cockroaches (1 ct.)
  3. 30x Russian Twists (2 ct.)

Ebeneezer Baptist

Mosey back from Rail to Trail down the sidewalk to back behind Ebenezer over by the playground and do the following exercises:

  1. 22x Shoulder Taps (2 ct.)
  2. 22x Flutter Kicks (4 ct.)
  3. 22x Hip Taps (2 ct.)
  4. 22x Mountain Climbers (2 ct.)
  5. 22x Knee Taps (2 ct.)
  6. 22x Ankle Taps (2 ct.)

KJ’s Market

Mosey across the road and behind the KJ’s Market making sure to follow the road there.Do the the following between the setup lights behind KJ’s:

  1. 10x Burpees
  2. Duck Walk to the other light
  3. 22x Hand Release Merkins
  4. Duck Walk to the other light
  5. 22x SSHs
  6. Duck Walk to the other light
  7. 10x Burpees

Neighborhood and Trinity Parking Lot

Mosey out of the KJ’s parking lot towards Pine Needles road, head towards the bridge. Go through the Grove neighborhood.

At EACH light and telephone pole on the left between KJ’s and exit to the neighborhood leading to Trinity do 5x Squats and 5x Merkins.

Once in Trinity parking lot:

4 Corners:
Lap 1:
Bear crawl between corners
Corner 1: 22x Squats
Corner 2: 22x Box Cutter
Corner 3: 22x Burpees
Corner 4: 22x Hello Dollies
Lap 2:
Side Bear Crawl between corners (was modified to side shuffle)
Corner 1: 22x Gas Pumpers
Corner 2: 22x Merkins
Corner 3: 22x Dips
Corner 4: 22x Big Boys

Sneed Parking Lot

Mosey from Trinity out across the road and then head to the far entrance for Sneed. Go through the far entrance back around the back of the school. Loop around to the parking lot.

At the parking lot, do the following:
Lunge between white lines
At every other white line, do 2x Burpees, 4x Merkins, and 8x Squats

Hoppa’s Yard (Time Permitting)

Mosey back out of the far entrance, back down the sidewalk, and then follow the road at the light back to the parking lot entrance of Scrooge and into Hoppa’s Yard.

Overhead Carry Reps (do an exercise, then Overhead Carry to next corner of the track of Hoppa’s Yard)

  1. 22x High Plank Pull Throughs.
    Overhead carry to the next corner
  2. 22x Overhead Press
    Overhead carry to the next corner
  3. 22x Thrusters (squat and shoulder press)
    Overhead carry to the next corner
  4. 22x Squrls (squat and curls)
    Overhead carry to the first corner and leave the half slabs

Lunge across Hoppa’s Yard
Bear crawl back across Hoppa’s Yard



  • Banana – For his family as his mother-in-law passed away
  • Tender Spice – Praise for the change on his paperwork status (he should be getting the physical document soon)
  • Pinto – For him and his family as his niece died
  • Big Hurt – For him and his family since they have a 3 week old and the other kids have a cough (they don’t want the baby to get sick)


  • Pumpkin ruck is Thursday at Grayskull BYoP (bring your own pumpkin)
  • The Myrtle Beast is Saturday


This morning was a good bit of fun. Things got setup in time for the ruckers to start working out. We got to do the warm up with me and then they were off to the races. They made pretty good headway and soon had made it to station 2 where I checked in on them. They decided that Pill Pushes were not for them and modified it. I made sure to let them know that it would likely be getting progressively more difficult at each station. They gave some feedback afterwards that some things were not ruck friendly, so that will have to be taken into account for next year, though 2 ruckers, who coincidentally were not there, did ask for additions rather than ask for anything to be removed. Even so, I think the ruckers enjoyed it and got a good workout out of it. Unfortunately Speedwalker, Sharpie, and Pom Pom had to head out early, but hopefully they enjoyed it as well. I did get to Pom Pom and Keds who I had not seen in a while, so that was a pleasant surprise. I would like to be able to see them more frequently as well.

As for everyone else, I got to meet Urkle and his son YoYo Mama. They were in town for Urkle’s grandma’s birthday (91st?). They are from the Anderson area and they found out about the event via Twitter. I am glad they checked because otherwise they would have shown up while we were halfway through the workout and away from Scrooge itself. They powered through and well all made it out alive. Belding, Bionic, and Big Hurt lead the pack and even did some of station 8 (Hoppa’s Yard). We did modify the 2nd lap of the Trinity parking lot 4 Corners to be a kind of side shuffle instead of side bear crawls – they were nasty after those bear crawls and I don’t know who thought they would be a great idea, :).

Today the Reaper took many victims and we may have some Rip Van Winkle’s who may not be present for a little while, but will show up again for the next big event. The Reaper especially came for our knees and energy as I heard that many like me have some soreness in our knees and feel like taking a nap. Speaking of which, I should probably go and take one. So you guys have a great day. Thanks for coming on out!

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