Date: 4/11/2022

PAX: Hawk, Thriller, Squatter, Swamp Fox, Kimchi, Ginger, Web (QIC)


  • 11x Burpees OYO
  • 11x Merkins
  • 12x SSH
  • 22x Mountain Climbers
  • 10x Russian Twists
  • 11x Burpees OYO


Mosey to Ebeneezer Baptist far end of the parking lot (closest to the building)

Increasing Elevens (elevens where we start with 1 of the first exercise, run to the first white line and do 10 of the end exercise, the next time you are doing the second exercise you will run to the next white line past the one you went to last time)

  • Bonny Blairs (4 ct.), Burpees

11x Burpees

Mosey to Tennis Courts

2 Corners (11x exercise at each corner, run between them)

  • Shoulder Taps (2 ct.)

Gravity Stretch


Prayer Requests:

  • Hawk – teacher has been out since Wednesday (hopefully will be back)
  • Squatter – Guidance for him and his wife on whether she should go full-time, stay part-time, or get rid of her job (that the Lord would make it clear)
  • Nurse Jackie – Moving this weekend


  • Nurse Jackie is moving this weekend both Friday and Saturday


This morning was interesting. We started out in the parking lot and there were a few hiccups. I messed up on getting everything to be 11, so I modified accordingly to make sure it all added up to a multiple of eleven.

During the warmup we had a surprise guest in the person of Kimchi who graced us with his presence. He still wasn’t fully recovered with regards to his knee, but he came out and put in the work modifying as needed.

In the parking lot after several people had finished Increasing Elevens, I called for us to do one last set in order to pick up the six. Kimchi asked Thriller why he was just standing there and not doing the exercise and the response was that he was prepping to do so. He must have been prepping for a while since when we got back from that set, he was still there. He was the first one to finish the increasing elevens if my memory serves.

Hawk and Swamp Fox both came out and put in work to keep us all going. They kept at it through all of the workout.

Hopefully we picked up the slack for Squatter today since he said that he was supposed to do 90 Burpees on Saturday (3 failed exercises), but that he had been told by others it was 15 at some stations. Today I believe we made up the difference in what he may have done and what he was supposed to have done. Great job!

Ginger was back out which is nice. Hopefully his shoulder is doing well after all those Burpees.

Thanks for not mutinying against me. I look forward to the next opportunity I get to Q.

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