Five or Die

5 or Die

Date: 10/05/2022

PAX: Pinto, Big Worm, Swamp Fox, Squatter, Kimchi, Thriller, Belding, Web (QIC)

Things to remember:

  1. Give a 2 minute and 1 minute warning
  2. Disclaimer: I am not a professional; modify as needed

The Warmup

  • 10x SSH
  • 10x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Through the Tunnels
  • 10x Little Arm Circles (forwards and backwards)
  • 10x Mountain Climbers
  • 10x Merkins

The Thang

Five or Die? (Do each exercise 5 times the first round and then increase by 5 reps each subsequent round; after 5 rounds take a lap; a max of 30 rounds)

  • Bonny Bliars (2 ct.)
  • Gas Pumpers
  • Burpees
  • LBCs
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Plank for the 6

Rounds Completed: 6

Gravity Stretch



  • Swamp Fox – Travel Mercies as he heads to Detroit today
  • Thriller – His oldest daughter has an interview for an air force scholarship at 1 p.m. today
  • For those doing IPC this week


  • The Reaper is on October 22nd


Today was a good bit of fun. It was AP U.S. History themed. I focused on the phrase “5 or die” which referred to getting a 5 on the AP exam which was very difficult to do. There was also a phrase along the lines of “a shove will knock you down, but a push will kill you” which was in reference to the difficulty of the course. Thus I decided to make the exercises start out relatively easy and gradually get harder. We did not hit the max of 30 rounds, but we did get a good bit in.

After the first round it seems like we made it through just fine on the remaining sets. It seems to have given everyone a run for their money including myself. I offered a buyout after the first 5 rounds, but it was voted down since they did not know the actual buyout which was 100 Bonny Bliars (2 ct.), 100 Merkins, and 100 Squats. It seems that was preferable to the next round of Five or Die.

I really enjoyed being able to lead the Q this morning and I look forward to seeing what we do the remainder of this week. Have a blessed day!

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