Date: 4/25/2022

PAX: Hawk, Thriller, Squatter, Swamp Fox, Nurse Jackie, Belding, Big Hurt, Big Worm, Pinto, Web (QIC)


Do exercise then 1 lap around Hopper’s Yard

  1. x25 SSH (IC)
  2. x25 Little Arm Circles (IC)
  3. x20 Little Arm Circles reverse (IC)
  4. x25 Merkins (IC)
  5. x50 Squats
  6. x55 Flutter Kicks (4 ct.)
  7. x50 Imperial Walkers
  8. x25 Burpees
  9. x25 Lunges (2 ct.)

10 count

  1. x25 Box Cutters
  2. x50 Shoulder Taps
  3. x50 Mountain Climbers


Prayer Requests:

  • Hawk – a student at South Florence died
  • Big Hurt – For him and his M as they have decided that it is best for their foster son to get the care he needs at another foster home


  • The Fox is happening this Saturday
  • The week of Nurse Jackie starts next Monday at Scrooge


Today was a good day for a workout. It was not too warm or too cool. We were able to get a good amount of exercises. The PAX were trying to figure out the pattern at first, but eventually decided it would be better to just let me say the exercise count. We had some fun sticking together as a group. Nurse Jackie wanted us to alternate directions around Hopper’s Yard which led us running both anti-counterclockwise and counterclockwise.

I hope everyone was able to have a good clean workout. Thanks for coming on out!

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