Date: 3/28/2022

PAX: Pinto, Thriller, Squatter, Web (QIC)


  • 14x SSH
  • 14x Merkins
  • 14x Imperial Walkers
  • 14x Through the Tunnel

Indian Run to and from Sneed


Rifle Carry blocks to Hopper’s Yard (long side, the one perpendicular to the parking lot).

Block, Mosey, Relax (28 reps with block, Mosey/Sprint to Rail to Trail entrance/parking lot, 6 inches for the 6)

  1. Goblet Squats
  2. Curls
  3. Pull Throughs
  4. Murder Bunnies (1 hop = 1 rep)

Rifle Carry blocks back to where they belong.

Gravity Stretch



  • Thriller – will be on a business trip from today until Wednesday afternoon
  • Thriller – Leslie will be weaning off of a medication that is a controlled substance that she has been taking when she exercises
  • Squatter – 3 kids are sick with something that it would not spread
  • Web – sister wants to go into the military for some more “action” in her life. For guidance for her and that the Lord would bring her where He wants her.


It was projected to be a cold morning so I decided it would be a good day to run a decent bit while also doing a block workout. Thanks Big Hurt for the idea of running to the entrance of the Rail to Trail!

During the warm up when I announced we were going to Indian Run to Sneed and back I was asked if we were going to do that with a block. My response was “death is not preferable today” hence the quote image above.

We had some good fun running back and forth. Unfortunately, the traffic did put a little damper on actually doing the running as continuously since we had to stop to let traffic go by a couple of times. At the end, Thriller was asking for more abs which was planned for later in the workout.

Thanks for letting me Q! I look forward to being able to workout with y’all again.

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