16 Wishes

16 Wishes

Date: 11/15/2021

PAX: Speedwalker (preworkout), Belding, Thriller, Chilla’, Yum Yum, Big Worm, Pinto, Squatter, Web (QIC)




  • 10x SSH
  • 10x Squats
  • 10x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Through the Tunnel
  • 10x Burpee OYO

The Thang:

16 Wishes (Ask PAX for a number, a wish, 1 through 16 without any previous wishes being allowed)

  1. 16x Burpees
  2. 4x lap around Hopper’s Yard
  3. Bear Crawl around Hopper’s Yard
  4. Lunge across Scrooge parking lot
  5. 4 Corners with 15 2 ct. Bonny Bliars at each corner and reverse jog the short sides (if still unavailable, do 60 2 ct. Bonny Bliars and 20 Kraken Burpees (2 Merkins))
  6. 90 second high plank
  7. 100x 2ct. Flutter Kick
  8. 50x Merkin
  9. 32x 2ct. Shoulder Taps
  10. 150x LBC
  11. Jailbreak Hopper’s Yard
  12. 4x Indian Run around the inside of the baseball field fence
  13. 15x BDE (Burpee, Bonny Bliar, Squat Jump)
  14. 60 second balls to the wall at Tennis Wall
  15. 10 second countdown, 10x Chin Ups, 30x Step Up (each leg) or 15x Box Jumps
  16. Choose 2 more numbers between 1 and 15, double the exercise time/count

Wishes Selected by PAX (name – wish selected: exercise information):

  1. Chilla’ – 7: 100x 2ct. Flutter Kick
  2. Big Worm – 2: 4x lap around Hopper’s Yard
  3. Pinto – 10: 150x LBC
  4. Thriller – 16 then 1, 2: so 32x Burpess and 8x lap around Hopper’s Yard
  5. Yum Yum – 4: Lunge across Scrooge parking lot
  6. Squatter – 5: 60x 2 ct. Bonny Bliars and 20x Kraken Burpees (2 Merkins)
  7. Belding – 11: Jailbreak Hopper’s Yard

Last, but not least …

Gravity Stretch


Prayer Requests:

  • Squatter’s M: she is having some pain again and they are unsure what the cause of the pain (pray for wisdom and guidance on a resolution to this situation)
  • Thriller’s daughter, Leslie: she is being checked out to see about using a new medication to deal with the seizures
  • Belding and his M: they are taking care of his M’s parents, but their health is deteriorating and it is taking a tole on the M
  • Chilla’ and his son: Chilla’s M died just over a week ago


Today was not the 16th or one of the PAX’s 16th birthday, but we still got to enjoy some good ol’ fun based on the move 16 Wishes. Just like in the movie, the resulting problems are our own making (though less so for those at the workout). We had the pleasure of having Yum Yum with us this morning as well as Speedwalker for a preworkout. Chilla’ put in the extra work this morning with a preworkout run and still made it through the workout just fine. Hopefully everyone was able to get warm with all of the laps that we did. Belding tried to pull a fast one on me at the end of the workout. He said 11 as his number, but once he heard it was a jailbreak, he tried to say he said another number. He had me thinking I had just misheard him, but he let me know he had selected 11. So we went on our merry way with the last wish under way. Thank you for allowing me to lead and I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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