5 or Die



Web, Squatter, Belding, Tender Spice, Pinto, Big Worm, Thriller, Chilla’


  • 10x Through the Tunnel
  • 15x Merkins
  • 20x Mountain Climbers
  • 25x SSH
  • 30x Squats OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to 4 Corners

4 Corner Relays

(Exercise at each corner, exercise for short sides, exercise for parking lot, lap around Hopper’s Yard)

  1. 5 Merkins, Bear Crawl, Interrupted Burpee with Lunges
  2. 10 2ct Bonny Blairs, Bunny Hop, Bear Crawl
  3. 15 Big Boys, Burpee Broad Jump, Bunny Hop

Gravity Stretch



  • For Thriller’s daughter Leslie as she they continue with treating her
  • Bunker’s daughter Abby as they think they found a brain lesion
  • Pinto’s sister-in-law as she may be losing her job since they want her to work full-time, but has to leave two hours early every other Friday and they do not want to accommodate this


  • Run Like a Nut is this Saturday


Today was an interesting increase in reps by 5 for the warmup and the workout. Hopefully all of the running kept everyone warm despite the cold weather. At the start of the warmup, the flag fell over, so I ended up doing 50 Burpees after the workout. During the workout, I made sure to bring back everyone’s favorite workout from my last Q which was the 2 count Bonny Bliars. I know several of us were just recovering from the Reaper, so this made sure to hit the legs while they were almost back to normal. Thank you for coming back and getting the 6 even if I was the 6. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to Q. Have a blessed day!

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