It’s Just One Minute

Date: 8/27/2022

PAX: Dipstick, Bundy, Wee Man, Web (QIC)

The Thang

Mosey to front of track track

Do an exercise for 1 minute then jog 100 meters. After a lap, do 4 exercises for a minute a piece before jogging 200 meters.

Set 1

  • Squats
  • Forward Lunges
  • Backwards Lunges
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Butt kicks, High Knees, Squat Jumps, Bonny Blairs

Set 2

  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Freddy Mercuries
  • Hello Dollies, Mountain Climbers, Box Cutters, Big Boys

Set 3

  • Merkins
  • High Plank
  • Burpees
  • Low Plank
  • Shoulder Taps, Carolina Dry Docks, Knee Taps, SSHs

Jog back to parking lot

Gravity Stretch for 1 minute



  • Bundy – His cousin’s funeral is today, so prayers for him and his family
  • Dipstick – His grandma has a blood infection (?) and is not feeling well on top of everything else that has happened recently; prayers for her, Dipstick, and their families


  • Syrup XXL tomorrow starting at 2:15 coming back for more ruckers at 4:15 and 5:30


Today was a fun morning. I had a little bit of trouble getting to the right entrance to Southpaw this go around. But I eventually go there. Initially, the plan was to go to the track and use that for the 100 meter measurements. However, the track was locked when we tried to get in. So in the end, we ended up using the sidewalk in front of the track entrance to guesstimate about 100 meters.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bundy this morning for the first time. It took me until set 3 to get the correct spelling down because I could not tell if the name was Mundy or Bundy. But it all worked out. He, Wee Man, and Dipstick made sure to keep the chatter going.

Wee Man was concerned that with all the leg work, I would be hampering the Syrup workout tomorrow. But after we got past the leg work, he seemed to not be as concerned.

Bundy was asking for demonstrations, so I did the best that I could on some of them like the Dying Cockroaches (Kimchi, please don’t critique his form as I know you dislike my form and if it is incorrect, it likely is due to my example). He caught on quick and made sure to keep the comments going. He learned to pick who to use as an example well the first to avoid doing modifications (Wee Man was more than willing to oblige with the modifications for him).

Dipstick gave the name of “It’s Just a Minute” to this work out when I had jokingly mentioned that the exercises were just going to last a minute each. We learned real fast that a minute was not necessarily easy for some of the exercises. I will say that some of them may have been more or less than minute depending upon my memory as my watch was not set to countdown a minute, so I had to remember what second and minute to stop on.

Overall, this morning was a blast. I hope that things went well over at Scrooge! Thank y’all for bearing with me and my COVID recovery Q!

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