The Crazy Pols



Web, Wee Man, Belding, Boucher, Nurse Jackie, Pom Pom, Pinto, Big Worm, Squatter, Kmark, Mr Rogers, Thriller, Chilla’, Sheets (FNG)


  • 26x SSH
  • 13 Merkins
  • 13 Little Arm Circles
  • 13 Big Arm Circles
  • 13 Squats OYO

The Thang:

Mosey to 4 Corners

4 Corners
25 2ct Bonny Blairs at each corner, jog the long sides and Bear Crawl the short sides

Mosey to Ebeneezer Church parking lot

The Crazy Poles
(Polish Vartlic – please ignore the spelling as I have been unable to find the proper spelling- around Ebeneezer parking lot, exercise, exercise while waiting on the 6)

9x 2 ct. Lunges, 9x Burpess, and 9x 2 ct. Bonny Bliars (keep it up until the end of the workout) with squats for the 6l

Gravity Stretch



  • For Thriller’s daughter Leslie as she has been seizure free for a couple of weeks and we hope she will continue to not have them
  • Bunker’s daughter Abby as she was rushed to the hospital
  • Jennifer Erks Leibein (excuse my spelling) is a high school teacher that had a stroke this weekend


  • The Reaper will be going on this Saturday starting at 0500 for ruckers and 0600 for runners. Make sure to bring gloves and a head lamp.


As per a special request by several of the PAX, I decided to modify and add the 4 Corners on the fly. Hopefully they were enough of a challenge and gave those that did not want to run the whole time a chance to do a non-running exercise. I noted that the repetition of when I said alrighty came back and continued throughout the workout. Mr. Rogers came back out and hopefully enjoyed the workout. I am glad he stuck it out as the first couple back are always the hardest. I hope to see y’all out there in the gloom. Thank you for letting me lead another workout.

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