This Hill’s for you!

The scene:

73° clear skies high humidity


Booger, CDC, Knobby, Spirit Fingers, Pom Pom, Wee Man, Yogi (QIC) , 

The Thang:

Mosey down Cheraw drive and took a right on W Lindburgh St.

‘Stop at all light poles and perform 5 merkins/10 squats x7 poles.

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill.

7s in NMLB (No Man Left Behind) format:

SSHs at the bottom and mosey to the top for LBCs

The Thang Pt. Deux

Divide into two groups.

Group A moseys to the top of the hill for 25 merkins (a piece).
Group B plank-o-rama at the bottom of the hill then transitions into air chair.
When Group A returns everyone will flapjack.

 Mosey back to launchpad (via making a right on Claremount) stopping at every light pole again and performing 10 jump squats (x6 light poles).

The Thang 3:

Mosey to the play ground for a 7 to 1 ladder.

Pull-ups on one end and dying cockroaches on the other.




Several of the PAX mentioned how much shorter the trip back was as opposed to the trip to the hill.

CDC enlightened us about how his 2.0, after learning a little about our state’s history over the weekend on a recent trip, mentioned how “Humans are the cruelest species on earth”. We all concurred. However, one of the PAX replied, “It’s a tough job being at the top of the food chain baby!”

Total Mileage: ~2.5 mi

Remaining Qs for the week:

Friday10/16/20203rd FPomPom

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