Yogi’s Bare Necessities


The scene:

78° clear skies high humidity


Booger, Bridesmaid, CYHMN, Night Light, Paycheck, Periscope, Pom Pom, Wee Man, Yogi (QIC) , 


Given! This is also an “Easy Q”!


Mosey to the right side of the school.

‘Burn’ – ie Sanders

   -Little Arm Circles 
   -Forward x 10 IC
   -Backwards x 10 IC
   -Seal Claps x 10 IC
   -Overhead air presses x 10 IC
   -Cherry Pickers x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC
Low Slow Squats x 10 IC

The Thang1:

‘Curb Crawls’
PAX bear crawl back and forth between the two curbs and perform decline Merkins with their feet on the curb in increments of 1 going to 7.

The Thang 2:

‘WOJ’ – Walls of Jericho

7 Rds/7 Exercises/7 Reps each/1 lap around the lot between each set 

 – Flutters (singles)
 – Shoulder taps (doubles)
 – HR Merkins
 – CDD
 – SSH
 – LBCs
 – Dips

The Thang 3:

‘Catch me if you can (backwards)’
Partner A performs called exercise while Partner B back pedals around the lot. When PA is done with their reps they are to sprint to PB and flap jack until all reps are done.

Only one round was called and it was 50 Merkins as a team.

The Thang 4:

‘Hill Work’
Mosey to the brick wall at the top of the hill.
7 Donkey kicks at the wall mosey to the bottom of the hill for jump squats.
7 Donkey kicks at the wall mosey to the bottom of the hill for 7 shoulder taps (double).

Mosey back to launchpad. 

Bonus Round called at the last minute.
Bonus Round
10 LBCs 5 Burpees





Today’s secondary theme seemed to be around the phrase “Soft Q” and how the workout seemed not to live up to that phrase. 

The theme of the day was around the walls of Jericho and how we all are dealing with a myriad of things in today’s day and time. Continue to pray fervently until those “walls” fall down. 


Ramp being built for COVID-19 survivor on Saturday after the workout and any hands that can help is greatly appreciated. See Nurse Jackie for details. 

Prayers for Dipstick and his family, Pom Pom, Periscope and his co-worker and any other unspoken prayers.

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