We Were run – n – inggg

When: 2019/10/14
Weather: 68
QIC: Yo – Gi
Pax: Knobby, Paycheck, Speedwalker, Spirit Fingers


YHC calls for a Warmorama lap around the school.


Fwd arm circles x15 IC
Rev arm circles x15 IC
Low Slow Squat x15 IC
SSH x15 IC
IW x15 IC
Windmills x10 IC


Thang 1: Light Pole Suicides

Round 1 – Practice run without exercises using 5 light poles.

Round 2 – 5 HR Merkins/10 Jump Squats at each pole (6 poles).

Thang 2: Hopped the fence to do a ladder of knee to ab pull-ups and some core work.

A different core exercise was called after each round of pull-ups until we reached 5 knee to ab pull-ups.
(Flutters, LBCs, Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, Heels to Heaven)

Thang 3: Mosey to the top of the hill. Two rounds consisting of jogging to the bottom, doing the called exercise, and sprinting back to the top of the hill.
Round 1 – 25 plank Jacks
Round 2 – 25 shoulder taps

Mosey to the brick platforms for a quick pain station triple nickel stop.
5-10-15 – Box jump burpees, dips, & incline merkins


Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for all our brothers who have any unspoken requests.
  • Paycheck’s friend having bypass heart surgery this week.
  • Cooks for Christ this Thursday. 

Annoucements: Run group tomorrow and WARPATH will be held at the downtown FDTC parking garage on Wednesday.

Location: 320 W Cheves St, Florence, SC 29501

BOM led by Paycheck.


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