Yo – Gi’s Curbside Service

When: 2019/04/17
Weather: 76 and Muggy
QIC: Yo – Gi
Pax: Big Worm, Dunkin’, Paycheck

***Dunkin’ comes galloping into the parking lot like a graceful stallion. YHC begins the COP slightly lackadaisical warm-o-rama. When two exercises in, here comes Paycheck trotting in as he decided to run to the AO as well. Strong work!


Fwd arm circles x10 IC
Rev arm circles x10 IC
SSH x10 IC
IW x10 IC
Windmill x10 IC
Low Slow Squat x10 IC


Thang 1: 7s – Sprint to the curb and perform Balboa’s (doubles beginning with 6)  then sprint back to the opposite curb and perform merkins (starting with 1). Proceed down the ladder until you reach 1 Balboa and 6 merkins.

Thang 2: 6 Pack – Mosey to the 1st light pole on the paved carline loop for some 6s  at each light pole.
5 merkins 1 Squat, 4 merkins 2 squats, etc. until you reach 1 merkin 5 Squats.

Thang 3: Rinse and repeat in reverse order. Beginning with 5 Squats 1 merkin at the nearest light pole, until you reach 1 Squat 5 merkins.

Thang 4: 11s – Using the brick platforms at the rear of the school perform 10 step ups sprint to the opposite curb and perform 1 “Curbside Squat” (butt touches the curb with each squat). Proceed with the RX sets until you reach 10 curbside squats and 1 step up.

Thang 5: Beginning at the same brick platforms, PAX perform dips then sprint down the sheltered walkway to the brick platforms at the other side of the school and perform the called exercise. Then sprint back to the starting brick platforms.

3 Rounds

Rd1 – 10 dips/10 brick taps (plank position reaching up and tapping the brick platforms with the palm of your hands).
Rd2 -10 dips/5 HR Merkins with brick taps
Rd3 – 10 dips/10 Derkins

Thang 6:

3 Rounds

5 Pull-up Squats (1 Rep = perform a full squat then jump up to perform a pull-up) sprint to the opposite end of the basketball court and perform 10 Freddie Mercurys (doubles)

Thang 7:

Stopping at each light pole on the way back to launchpad to perform the called exercise.
Pole 1 – 5 SSH IC
Pole 2 – 10 Merkins IC
Pole 3 – 15 IW IC
Pole 4 – 10 Slow squat jumps
POle 5 – 5 Burpees OYO

Prayer Requests – Prayers for all our brothers who have any unspoken requests as well as YHC’s wife.
BOM led by Yogi


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