All the Burpees

Burpees All of Them

When: 7/9/18


The Pax: Squatter, Threadcount, Yogi, CDC (QIC)

Conditions: 68 degrees F!!! Low humidity!!!

The Thang



Little Arm Circles

  • Frontward x 10 4CT IC
  • Backward x 10 4CT IC

SSH x 10 4CT IC

Flutterkicks x 10 4CT IC

Through the Tunnel x 10 4CT IC


Mosey to Rumble Hill.


Bataan Death (Rumble Hill) March

Indian Run up and down Rumble Hill. Last person performs 5 burpees, then sprints to front. Rinse and repeat until all pax perform burpees. With fewer pax, we finished WAY too early. YHC decided to do one more round. Total Burpees: 10


Mosey to side parking lot



Line up. OYO perform 1 burpee, then 4 count bear crawl. Rinse and repeat until reaching the target point. Return to start point, performing 2 burpees, then 4 count bear crawl. Complete 2 more rounds, increasing ratio to 3 burpees: 4 count bear crawls, then 4 burpees: 4 count bear crawls. Mary for the six. Total Burpees: ~80


Mosey to driveway in front of playground.



Perform 1 merkin, then run to target point and perform 10 burpees, then run back to start point. Perform 2 merkins, then run to target point and perform 9 burpees. Rinse and repeat until you have performed 10 merkins and 1 burpee. Yogi and Squatter helped pick up the six after they finished. Total Burpees: 55


Total Burpee Count: 145 (approximately, may be more w/ the manliest men)

Total Mileage: 2.3





Brothers, today was a lot of “fun”. It was great to have some Scrooge faithful at Rumble today since our numbers are a little low due to vacations, work, and some old fashioned fartsacking. Hopefully, I was able to at least help them break a sweat. YHC was pretty close to calling an inaudible (aka changing the workout without telling anyone as if it was actually planned that way) prior to the 11s w/ more burpees. But…YHC didn’t want to let anyone down, so the workout proceeded as planned…and without a weinke! Thanks for letting me lead you today brothers. SYITG!



  • Sign up to Q for 1st and 3rd Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar. Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.
  • Come back out to Rumble tomorrow for Run Group!
  • Prayers for Ginger with upcoming youth trip
  • Prayers for Squatter’s wife’s pregnancy
  • Prayers for Dunkin and Flanders as they compete for the most and the best vacations.

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