(Let’s Get Ready to) RUMBLE Launch!!!

Royal Rumble 2018

When: 4/14/18

QIC: Spirit Fingers, Uhaul, CDC

The Pax: Ready Mix, Dunkin’, Ginger, Yogi, Vila, Scrambled Eggs, Thunderbird, Milton, Nabs (FNG/Welcome/RESPECT), Smithers, Uhaul (QIC), Knobby, Nurse Jackie, Mr. Rogers, Moped (RESPECT), Airhead, Belding (RESPECT), Squatter, Flanders, Big Worm, Pinto, Biscuit, Spirit Fingers (QIC), CDC (QIC)

Conditions: 58 degrees F, pollen count high

The Thang



Little Arm Circles

  • Frontward x 10 4CT IC
  • Backward x 10 4CT IC

Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC

Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC

Air squared x 10 4CT IC

Merkins x 10 4CT IC


Mosey to flower bed at Royall Entrance.


Flower Bed Fun

Decline position. Move toward left around perimeter of flower bed. Q calls out for PAX to stop and perform decline merkins x 5 before restarting perimenter.

Step-ups x 10 each leg OYO


Mosey to next parking lot


Bear/Crab/Lunge Lines

6 Cones

Bear Crawl to Cone 1. Sprint to start point.

Crab Walk to Cone 2. Sprint to start point.

Lunge to Cone 3. Sprint to start point.

Bear Crawl to Cone 4. Sprint to start point.

Crab Walk to Cone 5. Sprint to start point.

Lunge to Cone 6. Sprint to start point.


Switch Q’s (Uhaul) and mosey to playground.


Uhaul’s Playground Ladder

1 Pull-up, run to 1st cone -1 burpee, run to 2nd cone -2 burpees, run to 3rd cone -3 burpees, run to 4th cone -4 burpees, then 10 Big Boy Sit-ups. Run back to start point.

2 Pull-ups, rinse and repeat cone work. Run back to start point.

3 Pull-ups, rinse and repeat cone work. Run back to start point.

4 Pull-ups, rinse and repeat cone work. Run back to start point.

5 Pull-ups, rinse and repeat cone work.

(Totals: 15 Pull-ups, 50 Burpees, 50 BBS)


Switch Q’s (Spirit Fingers)


Heartbreak 1-2-3 (w/ a rock)

Partner Up. Grab a rock. Partner A runs down hill and back up while Partner B does exercises w/ rock. Flapjack/rinse and repeat until team completes all reps of: 100 OHP w/ rock, 200 Rock Squats, 300 Mountain Climbers.

Bernie Sanders

Partner A OHH w/ rock while Partner B runs downhill forward, then up hill backwards. X 2 Rounds

Mosey to wall for a group wall sit x 60 seconds. During this time, a couple of nice neighborhood ladies walked by, impressed with our wall sit and went for the Q Robbery…calling out 10 Burpees OYO…being gentlemen, we complied.

Mosey to playground and circle up.


BOM: Knobby


Thank you to everyone that helped with making the Rumble launch happen. Special Tclaps to Ready Mix who brought our one and only FNG (WELCOME NABS!), even if his EH involved some less than accurate marketing. Hey Nabs, even though you didn’t get to watch an orientation video…glad you came and got the full orientation and demonstration of what F3 is today!  7 + 1 photographer joined together for a great Coffeeteria at Venus. Looking forward to seeing everyone converge again next week and for the continued growth of Rumble and F3 Florence!


  • August 21st: We will converge again at Rumble. THERE WILL BE NO WORKOUT AT SCROOGE THAT MORNING!  
  • Sign up to Q. https://f3florence.org/) Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar. Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.
  • Prayers for Thunderbird’s mom in your prayers.
  • Prayers for Milton’s daughter who has some upcoming tests to look for source of headaches and abnormalities of the optic nerves.
  • Thursday, April 19th, Cooks for Christ. Go buy some excellent chicken bog for a great cause!
  • 2nd F at Redbone Alley, Saturday, April 21st. Bring yourself, your M or your Class B Dependent. Make sure to respond “Going” on the FB post or let Flanders know by Thursday to get an accurate headcount for a table.

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