Devil Stompin’ Dizzy Q

Pax Present: Dizzy, Ginger, Yogi, Thriller, Threadcount, Flanders, Milton, Swan, CDC, Butterknife, Band-Aid, Johnny 5, Thunderbird, Big Worm, Foxy, Scrambled Eggs, Belding, Fender, Veela, Squatter, Pinto, Moped, Dunkin.

Warm Up:

Dizzy led the Q and began with warm-ups:

Side Straddle Hops

Through the Tunnel

Merkins OYO

Heel to Butt Squats

Mountain Climbers

Little Arm Circles Forward/Backwards


The Thang:

Buy In:

15 Burpees

30 Merkins

45 Flutter Kicks

Sprint Sets To the Fence:

Karaoke Down, Sprint Back. (2 Times)

Mosey To the Bridge:

Pax Partnered Up (those who consistently ran more that 3.5 miles with someone who ran less).  The pairs ran to the top of the overpass making sure that their partner got there.

Once up top:

Each Team: 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 Flutter Kicks, Rinse and Repeat.

One partner ran while the other exercised.

Half the Pax ran from the top to the bottom of the bridge on the Rice Planter’s Side.  Other half ran to the bottom of Fire Station side.  10 merkins at the bottom of the hill then head back up.

Mosey Back to the AO:

Circle of Trust

Name-O-Rama-23 Pax

Dizzy challenged all present to respect the Q and all other pax during the Circle of Trust.  The idea is that all are deserving of respect because they are created in the image of God and we should extend that to everyone as a result.


Cooks for Christ on Thursday, March 8th all day.

Palmetto 200, March 23rd-24th.

Paces for Pieces, Saturday, March 10th.

3rd F @ Krispy Kreme on Friday, March 9th.  Focus on spiritual disciplines.  Anyone interested in teaching on a specific spiritual discipline should contact Squatter.

Prayer Requests:

Squatter asked for continued prayer for his father to come to know the Lord.

Speed Walker’s Foot.  Band-Aid’s Shoulder.

Dizzy prayed us out.

Pledge was recited.


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