THE SCENE: 45, frigid

THE PAX: Big Hurt, CDC, Kimchi, Sharpie, Spirit Fingers, Gov’na, Big Worm, Nurse Jackie, 

QIC: Yogi



  • Mosey to front parkinglot
  • Little arm circles
  • Low slow squats

QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey”


  • Mosey to the football field for “1st & 10” (11s)
    • Starting at the 10 yard line – Merkins/jump squats sprint to the end zone and back to the 20 yard line. Rinse and repeat each time shaving off 10yds.
  • mosey to the bleachers, divide up into groups of 3. 2PAX perform the called exercises and the 3rd pax runs up the bleachers and back then flapjack.
  • G oblet squats 150
  • O verhead claps 200
  • B ig boy sit-ups 50
  • B utt kicks 60
  • L unges 30
  • E xtensions (country crab) 30

1 PAX does LBCs 1 does exercise the other PAX sprints to the 40 yd line and back.

Mosey to the brick steps for a quick circuit 5/10/15 incline merkins, box jumps, dips.

Last minute 4 corners


jump squats/balboas


gas pumpers/hand released merkins

Circle burpees (5 burpees per PAX while everyone else planks or does Al Gore)


BOM led by NJ

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