Yogi’s Return to SouthPaw


THE SCENE: 75, Warm

THE PAX: Bunker, Frodo, Gov’na, Nurse Jackie, Wee Man

QIC: Yogi



  • KB Curls
  • SSH
  • Goblet Squats
  • IW

QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey to the football field”

THE THANG: Football Field Ladder

  • Round 1 -10 overhead presses mosey to the other side do the field stopping at each had mark to do a single burpee. Then 10 merkins on the other side. Mosey back to the first sideline, stopping at the hashes to do burpees again along the way.
  • Round 2- 10 KB swings jump squats along the way and 10 SSH on the other side line

THE THANG 2: Weighted Bleacher climb

  • Round 1/2 – climb to the top of the bleacher stairs with your weight. Then 10 weighted squats then back down to the bottom.
  • Round 2 – 10 overhead presses at the top then return to the bottom of the stairs.

Quick Mary session at the bottom: Freddie Mercurys & Dying cockroaches

Mosey to soccer field for team tire flips (x4).

1 team flips the tire while the other 2 teams do exercises.

Exercises: Burpees, Squats

Mosey to benches:

10 dips

10 inclines

10 squats

Mosey to bus parking lot:

Step ups/Box jumps and donkey kicks 7 to 1 ladder

Mosey to the next bench area(2 rounds):

10 dips

10 inclines

10 squats

Mosey to the front of the school:

Wall sits (30secs) & Balboas x2

Quick ladder: 5 to 1 (x2)


BOM led by Wee Man

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