Death March

Date: 6/18/2022

PAX: Belding, Thriller, Bunker, Super Nova, Web (QIC)

The Warmup

  • 18x Merkins
  • 18x SSH
  • 10x Imperial Walkers
  • 18x Squats OYO
  • 10x Burpees OYO

Mosey to the track

  • Toy Soldiers
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Jog to line

The Thang

100 Meter Relay (100m run, the exercise):

  1. 100x Squats
  2. 50x Lunges (2 ct.)
  3. 50x Flutter Kicks (4 ct.)
  4. 50x SSH
  5. 100x Merkins

Run the bleachers up and down the bleachers alternating going up and down only skipping 1 before 1 after the announcer/broadcasting box.

  1. 10x Burpees
  2. 50x Russian Twists (2 ct.)
  3. 25x Box Cutters
  4. 50x LBCs
  5. 25x Big Boys

Mosey back to parking lot



  • Belding – for his wife and in-laws as she takes care of them, for Annie who had cancer, and for Gary (one of his coworkers?)
  • Super Nova – his wife with a double disk surgery needed to recover and have children and her worker’s comp case
  • Web: Chris Young’s grandma has COVID


  • Father’s Day donut ruck at Syrup tomorrow


Today was my first day at Southpaw. Thank you Nova for showing me the exact way into the track. I was unsure if it was open and you showed me that it was and how to get there.

This morning was hot and the track was not in the shade, so a lot of extra sweat was brought into the mix. Good job making it through the workout especially Belding who has a hurt hamstring.

There were a couple of modifications, but as per a request made we did bleachers, but afterwards the PAX let me know that they no longer wanted to do bleachers given what I had them do with all of the running. I also let them negotiate down the Burpees after the 100 meters (Round 6) from 25 to 10. I was willing to let it be 5, but Nova asked that we do 10, so I obliged him on that.

I got music to my ears in hearing that the workout was challenging. I was glad it was challenging for others than just myself.

Thank you guys for coming out and letting me lead a Q over there at Southpaw!

P.S. if you are wondering why the photo is so weird it is because after the workout I was too tired to standup properly and I got pins and needles in my arms and legs. (I guess I got dehydrated, but it happens every once and a while, so there is no real need to worry.) I took the photo from the ground as per the request of the PAX. This lead to the interesting view that exists in the photo including the top of my head and missing portions of Nova, Thriller, Belding, and Bunker.

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