Some 100 Fun

Date: 3/12/2022

PAX: Thriller, Bunker, Chilla’, Belding, Boucher, Yogi (preworkout run), Web (QIC)


  • 12x SSH
  • 12x Merkins
  • 12x Mountain Climbers
  • 6x Little Arm Circles (forward and reverse)
  • 6x Big Arm Circles (forward and reverse)
  • 12x Overhead Claps
  • 12x Forward Claps


100s (25 reps, 5 reps; repeat x4)

  1. Squats, Burpees
  2. Merkins, Merkin Hammers (1 ct.)
  3. Dips, Pull Ups
  4. LBCs, Squat Jumps
  5. Box Jumps, Hello Dollies
  6. Decline Merkins, Bonny Blairs (2 ct.)

2 Minute Gravity Stretch



  • Pacing for Peaces run March 12th


  • Leslie has been doing good and seizure free for several months and had another game last night
  • Ukraine and our leaders for guidance and the Lord’s hand upon them
  • Belding – His hamstring is soar
  • Belding – His son’s church has moved more towards a biblicly structured church (it was not prior and people initially left over this, but attendance is back up to 700 after dropping to 500 from 800)
  • Thriller – He is not looking forward to his checkup Wednesday where he will have something put in through his nose into his stomach for 24 hours


We had a good bit of fun working out despite all of the rain. We had to hunker down under the picnic table, but did that not prevent the PAX from knocking out the workout. I was glad we did not get to round 16 which had Burpees as the 25 rep exercise. The respect PAX outnumbered us 2 to 1. Chilla’ came out and worked out with us prior to going and running at Pacing for Pieces. Great job! Thanks for letting me Q!

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