Baseball Field Fun




Ginger, Belding, Big Worm, Bunker, Govna’, Thriller, Web(QIC), Boucher, Pinto


1 Lap around Hopper’s Yard

10 Side Straddle Hops
10 Merkins
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Through the Tunnels
26 Mountain Climbers


1 Lap around Hopper’s Yard

Mosey to the baseball field’s home plate

Round the Bases and Outfield (exercise at each base x 10, exercise between bases, then a lap on the inside of the fence)
1. Gas Pumpers, Bear Crawl
2. Squats, Lunges
3. Russian Twists, Skip Jumps
4. Merkins, Lunges

10 Burpees OYO



We had some fun going around the baseball bases where some cones were already setup. I am glad I learned that we should move the workouts from the infield to the grass around the infield when working out on the field to avoid getting dirty. Thanks Thriller! At the end of the workout, I found out that several of the PAX would do a squat each time I said alrighty. I made sure to capitalize on this and say alrighty several times before going into the COT. Thanks for letting me lead!


  • The 19th will have cleanup during and after the workout
  • The 26th will be a convergence at Rumble

Prayer Requests:

  • Ginger’s Family is driving back from NC
  • Thriller is trying to buy a house and would like to do so by June 30th
  • Thriller’s daughter is getting a stress EKG this morning to see if anything is wrong and/or help find any causes for issues

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