9 + 10 = 21

9+10 Calculator | 9 + 10 = 21 | Know Your Meme

When:  3/20/22
QIC:  Web
The Pax: Belding (RESPECT) , Billy Ho, Night Light, Cinnamon, Foxy, Big Worm, Pom Pom, Wee Man, Tender Spice (Formerly Shuttlecock), Pinto, Thriller (RESPECT), Ginger, Geppetto, Boucher, Web (QIC)
Conditions:  56 degrees w/ a wind chill

The Thang


SSH x 21

Mountain Climbers x 25

Through the Tunnels x 21

Little Arm Circles x 21 (forwards)

Forward Claps x 21

7 x 3 = 21 (We didn’t quite make it to the name, but it still worked out)

Mosey to the Tennis Courts, 2 x 2 Corners Exercise, Exercise for the Six, Mosey to Hopper’s Yard, 1 Lap, Post-Lap Exercise, Exercise for the Six

  1. 8 Burpees, High Plank , 21 4 Ct. Flutter Kicks, High Plank
  2. 8 Squats, 6 Inches, 21 Big Boys, 6 Inches
  3. 8 Merkins, Box Cutters, 21 Squat Jumps, Box Cutters
  4. 8 LBCs, Low Plank, 21 Hand Release Merkins, Low Plank

2 Laps

Gravity Stretch (~= 1 min)



I was not sure how things would workout given that I had not run through the workout in advance. I knew there may be some modifications that needed to be made, but I was not expecting to have to cut Four Corners down to Two Corners and repeat. The theme was 21 since that is my age and the date was close enough to that number. The PAX caught on quickly that that was what was going on, though I did zone out and accidently go to 25 in the warmup. We had some modifications that resulted in doing the full Four Corners despite the darkness. After the first set of 7 x 3 = 21, some PAX suggested the workout might be over. It would have been the fastest workout I had ever been to had that been the case. Thank you to Belding, Pinto, and Big Worm for giving me a run for my money. Also, Ginger played dead a couple of times hoping that I would not enact any of the plans he had concocted the night before. Thanks to everyone for coming out!


  • GrowRuck 22 in Myrtle Beach is happening April 30th -May 1st.  Breakdown is 2nd F gathering Friday night.  F3 Bootcamp Saturday morning followed by Coffeeteria and then GrowSchool (leadership training with F3 philosophy).  Saturday night, Ruck CSAUP w/ cadre (equivalent to a Tough).  You can go to some or all of this!  https://f3nation.com/growruck/
  • 2.0 workout Saturday
  • Uhual will Q in May?
  • Tender Spice has his VQ Wednesday
  • My trip to Charleston went well
  • Thugboat has his new born and is trying to get him to sleep more
  • Squatter has a new born as well
  • Dean Lizenby has a surgery today

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