CDC’s Haunted House of Pain

When:  10/31/20


The Pax:  Webb, Johnny Five, Jefferson (RESPECT), Spirit Fingers, Banjo, Squatter, Flanders, Belding (RESPECT), Screech, CDC (QIC)

*Brief non-official appearances made by Speedwalker and Kimchi

Conditions: A chilly 43 degrees, full moon, gloomy

The Thang



*To the music of “Thriller”…a brief change to “Ben” due to my phone being in my pocket…then back to “Thriller”…a perfect ~6 minute warm-up

SSH x 10 4CT IC

Through the Tunnel x 10 4CT IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 4CT IC

Little Arm Circles

            Forward x 10 4CT IC

            Backwards x 10 4CT IC

            Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC

            Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC

Merkins x 10 4CT IC

Squats x 10 4CT IC

Flutterkicks x 10 4CT IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 4CT IC

Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard

Jigsaw’s Choice

Hello, PAX. I want to play a game. The situation you find yourself in is of your own doing. Some of you have intimidated others based on your physical differences, but today it is you who will run scared. In 30 seconds, the game will begin, setting off a deadly chain of events, 100 burpees per PAX. In order to stop this from happening, you must make a decision. But no act comes without a sacrifice. You may choose as a group to Bear Crawl around Hoppa’s Yard or complete the burpees. If you do not choose within the next 10 seconds, you will be required to do both.  Burpees or Bear Crawls. The choice is yours.

* “Saw” background music playing.

**Surprisingly, half of the PAX wanted to do 100 burpees instead of a short 0.1 mile bear crawl.

Mosey to Trinity Parking Lot

“The Infected” Webbicides

Run to 1st line, perform 1 Merkin.  Run back to start point.  Run to 2nd line, perform 2 Merkins.  Rinse and repeat until running to 10th line and performing 10 merkins and returning to start point.

*A short horror movie tutorial was given regarding the controversy of generic zombies vs “running zombies” aka “The Infected”. 

Mosey towards bridge

Zombie Walk

Walking lunge up towards bridge.  20 Burpees OYO.  Walking lunge back.

*On the way back, we made sure to dance lunge to “Thriller”

Mosey to flag

5 Minutes of Bloody Mary

Flutterkicks 4CT IC x 25


Boxcutters 4CT IC x 25

High Plank

Right Arm Up

Left Arm Up

Right Leg Up

Left Leg Up

High Plank


Non-BOM (with an appropriate 6 feet distance):  Belding


Thanks for letting me lead you today brothers! Hopefully, it was a fun Halloween workout that also pushed you a little bit.  I was honestly surprised that it was such a hard decision between burpees and bear crawls.  This is either an example of how humans have trouble deciding between poor choices…or, at least 50% of people REALLY hate bear crawls…hahaha (You guys must love all my Qs).  Being the benevolent Q that I am, I allowed the PAX to do either exercise, instead of both.  Of course, it did mean that some PAX did 120 burpees by the end of the workout.  It’s always great to have Screech downrange with us…particularly in case he needed to buddy carry his post surgical recovery father-in-law Belding.  Good work brothers!  Looking forward to seeing you all in the gloom again soon!


  • Check out F3 Florence social distancing recommendations.
  • We have copies of Freed to Lead…let Foxy or me know if you would like to check one out from our F3 Florence library.
  • If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out the 43 Feet F3 Nation podcast. Links on the F3 Florence website.
  • Prayers for the nation and our upcoming election
  • Prayers for Foxy and Periscope
  • Prayers for Squatter’s job
  • Unspoken prayers for Flanders
  • Praise for having Belding back out with us this week!
  • Praise for the MARCH camping trip and prayers for all those involved

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