BACKBLAST- Rumble Rock Hopera

RUMBLE, Monday, 08.02.2020, 05:30-06:15AM

The Pax (6): Bridesmaid, Swiper (NO SWIPIN!), Knobby, Yo-Gi, Booger, Paycheck (QIC/YHC).

A. I am not a professional.
B. You are participating at your own risk
C. You are responsible for your own well­being
D. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
E. Know your limits and do the best you can


WARMUP:- MOSEY (Where to, Paycheck?)

Halt at the columns. 20 Step-Ups at the planter box, On Your Own (OYO).

-Choose your square for WarmMary (Warmup Mary)

In Cadence:

1)- Heels 2 Heaven x 15

2)- Flutter Kicks x15

3)- Freddie Mercuries x!5

4)- Mountain Climbers x 20

5)- Shoulder Taps x 20

6)- Merkins x 10

7)- High Knees x 10

8)- Mosey to Lightpoles at front carpool entrance

9)- Bear Crawl to next lightpole.

10)- Broad Jump to next light pole

Halt at the rock pile.


Pick a rock, not too big, not too small.

1)- Hand-Release Rock American Hammers x 20

2)- Rock Merkins x5 each hand (1 hand on rock, one on ground; flapjack)

3)- Lightpole Overhead Carries; 2 Rock Merkins per hand, each lightpole, rinse and repeat x 3

4)- Rock lunges to flag pole & planter box. Halt @ American Flag.

5)- 20 Obligatory American Flag Side Straddle Hops, in cadence.

6)- 5 Rock Merkins each hand.

7)- Overhead Carries to grassy knoll for…

8)- ROCK TOSS! Pax spread out 6′, pick rock up, squat, give the rock your best impression of a 5 year old shooting a basketball. ~3 min

Mumble Chatter: Knobby was wondering about Charlie Whitehurst AKA Clipboard Jesus and the trivia question to get answered…How much did he wind up getting paid per pass? Scroll down for the answer!


-Pax place balls of feet on concrete curb, squat, deadlift the rock, curl the rock, press the rock, try not to lose your balance! x20.

10)- Overhead carries back, 2X Rock Merkins each lightpole (x5).

11)- AMRAP!

Line up rocks, spaced on the straightaway, 1 rock at each end of the road stripe, 1 in the middle for:

Bunny Hops; Jailbreak to lightpole past the tree (~75 Yards); 5 decline curb Merkins, mosey back x 3.


12)- Plank

13) Merkins, x10

14) Hand-Release Rock Merkins, x 20, OYO.

Return Rocks

15)- Mosey to lightpole 1, Jailbreak to lightpole 2, mosey back to planter box

16)- Supermans x 20, in cadence.



Cirlce of Trust



MumbleChatter Trivia: Charlie Whitehurst, AKA Clipboard Jesus play 12 NFL Seasons and made $85,000 per pass attempt!

BONUS MATERIAL (Operaman Returns!):

KEY: QIC: Q In Charge

YHC: Your Humble Correspondent

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