2019 F3 Florence Christmas Party

When: 12/13/19

QIC: Flanders

The Pax: Yogi, Dipstick, Can You Hear Me Now?, Pinto, Thriller, Swan, BandAid, Booger, Thunderbird, Spirit Fingers, Ginger, Clarice, Gov’na, Belding, Speedwalker, CDC, Squatter, Spam, Wide Right (WELCOME BACK), Monkey, Flanders

Conditions:   44 degrees F, rainy, (but a nice ~70 degrees F and dry inside)

The Thang

Breakfast courtesy of our 2nd F Q

Awards Ceremony:

  • Toughest Q: 
    • Thriller
  • Most Creative Q:
    • Booger
  • Mumble Chatter:
    • Ginger (2 time winner, however, Wide Right is back, so next year may be different!)
    • Belding
  • FNG of the Year
    • Gov’na
  • Happy Clown
    • Yogi
  • Mr. Skype
    • Nurse Jackie
  • Brian “Duke” Kelley Man of the Year:

 Duke was one of us, a member of the F3 Florence PAX that left us much too soon.  He was a loving husband to his wife, a high impact man in his work and in our community, and a beloved friend to many.  This award is given in his memory to honor another HIM. 

This year’s winner:  Jeremy “Pinto” Straus

Pinto is an active covenant partner of his church, First Presbyterian, where he regularly contributes in multiple areas.  Various civic leadership include being a ServeFLO Project Leader, Day of Caring team leader for the Pee Dee Coalition, and a former lawn care taker at The CARE House.  In F3 Florence, he is a Scrooge faithful and our Co-QSource Q.  He is an engineer at Otis where he has also served as a Community Service Committee leader, the Relay for Life event organizer, American Cancer Society fundraiser volunteer.  He regularly volunteers (or is Voluntold) at HopeHealth events where his wife works.  In fact, for our recent Children of Hope gift giving, Pinto put together dozens of bikes for children.  And, not a American Heart Association event goes by without Pinto helping organize a group to help take down some tables or put up some signs. 

Pinto exemplifies F3.  He is a High Impact Man, a HIM.  He is dedicated to forcible contact to strong effect.  He is a Disrupter, that Somebody who makes things happen.  He is a natural born world-beater…an enemy of the status quo, despised by Goo Nation for the threat he poses to its continued existence.  Pinto is more than deserving of this award. He is constantly accelerating in all 3 F’s (though he probably should work on his 1st F a little).  F3 Florence is proud to have this man in our PAX, and I am proud to call him my brother and my friend….Aye!

COT: Maybe next year

BOM: Ummmm…..

Closing Remarks

It is always a great year when you have F3 brothers to share it with.  I’ll admit…we’ve had a lull lately, however, F3 Florence is still alive and well.  The 1st F, fitness, is our magnet.  We have attracted some excellent FNGs this year.  However, we need to encourage their continued participation after that initial beatdown, and we should strive to keep EHing new PAX, and reach out to those that we haven’t seen in a while.  Rumble continues to be a great AO.  The implementation of Q Source has been a great addition to our mission of invigorating male community leadership, by discussing F3 leadership philosophy. 2nd F, fellowship, is our glue.   Life gets hard for everyone.  The depth of our male friendships will make the difference.  Those sticky friends are what the SadClown lacks and what we all need. 3rd F, Faith, is our dynamite.  After the first two F’s are achieved, we naturally seek to fulfill our desire to serve.  The Faith component of F3 is simply a belief in something outside of oneself.  This year, Opportunities presented themselves and PAX stepped up to serve in our community. 

Where is F3 Florence heading?  Acceleration!  The 1st F will continue.  Site Qs will ensure that everyone gets their fair share of downPAINment.  With the help of our PAX, we plan on growing.  We are looking at new and more regular 2nd F opportunities. 3rd F will be expanded.  Many have discussed with me the desire to serve our community more.  We want to become more visible and make an Impact.


Brothers, it’s hard to believe, but this is my fifth Christmas Party since joining F3.  A big thank you goes to those that helped make it possible:  Flanders for planning, Ginger for his gracious hospitality, Squatter for his excellent PowerPoint and award presentation, all of the PAX that helped with set-up, supplies, and breakdown.  It was great to fellowship with the brothers YHC sees on a regular basis, and to catch up with those that have been absent for a while. As we head into the New Year, let’s continue to lean upon each other as we become better men, better fathers, better husbands, better friends, and better brothers.  Iron Sharpens Iron.  Let’s continue to hold each other accountability and sharpen one another in the days and years to come.


  • Sign up to Q for 1st and 3rd F.   (https://f3florence.org/) Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar.  Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.  Do it…or Ginger may come and get you!
  • Keep the communication open with us!  If you don’t have Twitter, get Twitter…you can only follow F3 Florence if you like.  Bookmark our website.  Follow us on Facebook.  Follow us on Instagram.  
  • I have copies of Freed to Lead…let me know if you would like to check one out from our F3 Florence library.
  • EH someone…old or new.  With the New Year approaching, this is a perfect time to bring people out. 

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