Simmer Down[hill] (So You Can Bring It 2 A BOIL)

M E T A L   M O N D A Y 

WHEN: Monday, July 01 2019

THE SCENE:  75, muggy, & perfect for some Acceleration


WARM-O-RAMA, In Cadence:
Big Arm Circles x 10; Reverse
Imperial Squatters (Low, Slow Squat w/ Twist L/R) x 10
Freddie Mercuries x 12
Mountain Climbers X 20
'Murkins X 20

AO Inspection Tour: 1 lap around Rumb...Halt @ Top of Hill to note the toys/obstacles in the way...


Several toys had parked themselves 25 yards from the crest of Cheraw Drive's Textbook Blue Slope (when it snows, which it hadn't, so we had do to something else).


THE "BELL" CURVEAs Many Rounds As Possible(AMRAP), ~30min:

i. After each exercise, alternate running:

     1) to the bottom of the hill for 5 burpees, next exercise
     2) run to bus line and do 5 box jumps on the close bricks (modified after 2 sets to 5 incline 'Murkins to add more chest emphasis/leg de-emphasis), next exercise

ii. After 15 minutes, runs are removed for a 15min Burnout; AMARAP.


I.     20lb Wife kettlebell- Overhead press x5 L x5 R, modified after 1 round, for abs and back engagement/prep for what's ahead, as single arm row + twist (because 5 overhead single arm presses with just 20lbs was ridiculous CSAUP). Yes, it was grabbed as an afterthought walking out of the door.

II.    25lb dumbell corkscrew x 10 L

III.   25lb dumbell corkscrew x 10 R

IV.    50lb Backpack Prisoner Squats (wearing backpack) x 10

V.    50 lb Kettlebell Swings with proper form (back straight, explode from hips) x 10

VI.   50lb Sandbag Squat & twist

Victory Lap around Rumble AO

Notable Mumble Chatter recap:

"This workout is pretty leg intense" (5)

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: Three Pax. Booger, Spirit Fingers; Paycheck (QIC)



"If you try to always stay at a "simmer", you can't bring it to a boil". 

While consistency is key, there are many times where slower, more deliberate Movement helps facilitate faster, more effective Movement. So, consistent Movement is key. 

With this workout, I didn't realize I had done it until I had them laid out, but the weights were in a fashion similar to a bell curve, allowing us to train our bodies and minds in a manner more consistent with real life: variable, with consecutive challenges.

After being on vacation for a week, and being exposed to both an article by Popular Mechanics entitled, "The Case For Less Tech", and the Tim Ferris episode mentioned below, I am realizing how vital it is to grant ourselves consistent slow time: away from all distractions (preferably first thing in the morning), so that we can then attack our to-do's and achieve our goals (after setting and calibrating them).

The podcast I recently listened to mentioned implementing 'slack' into daily life so that you can essentially sprint mentally when needed. , and although I am still processing it, I find it extremely relevant.

ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRAYERS: Rumble Bootcamp is M/W; Run Group is Tues. Prayers for Julie Knight and her family.

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