M E T A L   M O N D A Y !

WHEN: Monday, June 10 2019

THE SCENE:  80ish, overcast, muggy, & Perfect for some Acceleration

Big Arm Circles x 12; Reverse
Low, Slow Prisoner Squats x 12
Mountain Climbers X 12
Side Straddle Hops x 12
AO Inspection Tour: 1 lap around Rumble

THA-THANG: Several toys had parked themselves in the prestigious Gazebo Row parking spots, overlooking the pristine lawn of Rumble’s front yard.

With the objective being to complete each prescribed moment ten times with good form, as safely and properly as possible, upon the tenth repetition, take an ‘active recovery’ lap around the Landing Zone/teacher’s parking lot (~50 yard jog), then advance to the next parking spot for a new 10x movement. Upon your fifth lap, flip from clockwise/counterclockwise motion.

As Many Rounds As Possible(AMRAP), ~30min:

I.     Sledghammer x 10 (lap)
II.    45 lb Barbell Plate Overhead Press x 10 (lap)
III.   2x 35lb Dumbell Piston Rows x 10 (lap)
IV.    50 lb Kettlebell Swings with proper form (back straight, explode from hips) x 10 (lap)
V.     50 lb F3 Sandbag Real (mimick sitting all the way in a chair)Squat and rotate x 10 (lap; REVERSE DIRECTION)
VI.   25lb Kettlebell Curls x 10 (lap)
VII.  50lb Backpack Prisoner Squats (wearing backpack) x 10 (lap)
VIII. 2x 20lb Dumbell Lateral Raises x 10 (lap)

Victory Lap around Rumble AO

Notable Mumble Chatter recap:

There is a pending debate involving the notion that Active Recovery is simply more exercise. Also, while certain millennials, particularly #IPAMillenials, may believe that intermittent fasting may be proven to rid  the body of cancer/precancerous cells, increase brain derived nootropic factor, etc., it’s also called Friggin Skippin Breakfast And That’s Just Stupid Just Like Active Recovery. Basically, there’s some catchy new F3 Lexicon in the works if we keep chewing on this dialogue.

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: 4 Pax. CDC; Spirit Fingers; Yo-Gi; Paycheck (QIC)

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: QIC dropped the ball here and will introduce a motivator/devitional/food for thought here next Q…

MOLESKINE: Sleeping in is so easy. Sleeping in is a lot harder when you know that there are men that can benefit from something you create, when you know that there are others counting on you, such as leading a workout.

Someone is always counting on you, yet, neither you nor they will know it until you exert yourself into high performance, where your abilities or passion can and must appear. Not doing so, avoiding your own high performance, no matter the known or unknown ability, is a disservice on multiple levels.

Whoever is counting on you will inevitably notice only after the exertion previously mentioned creates a wake in the flat lake we call the day-to-day humdrum, which impacted their day-to-day humdrum by crashing in on them for the better. By doing so, your exertion left an impact. Typically this type of non-status quo exertion inspires more, similar to when one person in proximity cuts the grass or improves something, it incites action and shatters the cute little bubble of the complacency cocoon if you will.

Exertion typically stems from the mind. Yet, especially when weights are involved, I tend to flip a switch. Maybe you do, too. Maybe you don’t even know it yet. When I force myself to exert, I become a better man. I can’t explain it, but the short version may be that there simply is no room for excuses in a weight training environment; you must simply execute in high performance mode, modify, quit, or face injury.  Basically, there is tremendous power in utilizing this high performance mindset applied to all facets of our lives.

When you step out of the fog of whatever you are currently in, be it complacency, the everlasting quicksand of mediocrity, or something else, you may come to realize that you can in fact press the accelerator and actually improve things for yourself and as a byproduct for others, which takes many forms.

When you create something that others benefit from, you create a chain reaction. When you create a chain reaction, you create opportunity.

It is an honor to create something that makes others improve, that tears apart weakness and replants strength. 1 HC for Metal Monday as Q herefoward, AMAP.

-Prayers for Broadway & Family’s Move and settling in to new place.
Saturday, our F3 Brothers in Turbeville Launch (<—–SHARE, INVITE, AND SHOW SUPPORT BY CLICKING ‘INTERESTED’) via Preston Shuey. Come support them. For you fellow Clemson fans, yes, Preston is Spencer’s brother.



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