A little bit of this and a little bit of that

When: 2019/04/22
Weather: 46 and Mild
QIC: Yo – Gi
Pax: Bobby B, Flasher, Johnny 5, Knobby, Swan, Trike

***Mosey to EBC parking lot where the disclaimer was given.


SSH x10 IC
IW x15 IC
Low Slow Squat x15 IC

Thang 1: Suicides using light poles as landmarks to get the lay of the land.

Thang 2: Suicides with 5 HR Merkins at each pole.

Thang 3: Using the light poles as mile markers again, perform 10 HR Merkins and 10 Jump Squats at each one.

Thang 4: Mosey to grassy field at KJs.
Pax had to stop for traffic, so we decided to perform SSHs IC until the coast was clear.
Cones were spaced (semi evenly) about 20 ft apart. For starters:
5 Diamond Merkins at each cone. Stop at KJs for 30 sec wall sits.
5 Diamond Merkins/5 Jump Squats at each cone.
5 Diamond Merkins/5 Jump Squats/5 Squats at each cone. Stop at KJs for 30 sec wall sits (arms out with one leg off the ground).
5 Diamond Merkins/5 Jump lunges/5 Squats at each cone.

Thang 5: Mosey back to the steps of Ebenezer Baptist Church.
2 Merkins on each step without leaving the plank position (total of 5 steps) and hold plank at the top step.
2 Diamond Merkins on each step going down without leaving the plank position.

Thang 6: Stop midway in the parking lot for a pain station en route back to launchpad 10 IW IC. Last stop at the 1st speed bump by the volleyball pit to perfrom 10 Wojo ground slapping squats IC.

BOM led by Yogi


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