Roxanne & Company

Weather: 50 degrees
When: 3/4/19
Pax: Banjo, Dizzy, Flasher, Johnny 5, Moped (Double Respect), Polynesian, Squib, Thriller (Respect), Yo – Gi (QIC)

2 Laps around Hoppa’s yard..

Warm up

LACs fwd x 14 IC
LACs reversed x 14 IC
Overhead claps x 14 IC
Fwd claps x 14 IC
Cherry Pickers x 14 IC
Low Slow squats x 14 IC
Mtn Climbers x 14 IC
Shoulder plank taps x 14 IC
Hip taps x 14 IC


****Divide PAX into groups of 3. Partner 1 performs 5 pull-ups, Partner 2 does flutters, and Partner 3 jumps rope. The pull-ups are the time keeper. Once Partner 1 is done with their pull-ups then everyone rotates (5 Rds).
Ladder time!
Squats and HR Burpees 5 down to 1
Merkins and SSH stopping halfway to perform one burpee (5 down to 1). Planks for the 6.
YHC pulls out the speaker, starts playing Roxanne by The Police and has everyone plank in a circle. Each time the word Roxanne is said during the song, the Pax perform one merkin (3 min AMRAP).
***Mosey to the wall for wall sits.

30 sec Frankenstein wall sits and jump lunges (5 down to 2). The final round 10 jump squats are called instead of 1 jump lunge. Wall sits were sprinkled in with one leg alternated balancing techniques.

****Remain at the wall for some Mary.
LBCs x 9 IC
Freddie Mercury x 9 IC
Hello Dolly x 9 IC
High Flutters x 9 IC
Flutters x 9 IC
Dying cockroach x 9 IC
Heels to heaven x 9 IC
BOM led by Banjo.



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