Making Americans Great…again

PAX present: 12 PAX ( Knobby, Flasher, Flanders, Johnny 5, Bream, Monkey, Thriller, Banjo, Swan, Squatter, Belding and Thunderbird).

Conditions: 57 degrees and foggy

Warm up:

SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Through the tunnel x 20

Low slow squats x 10

Merkins x 10

Little arm circles x 15 forward, x15 backwards

Forward claps x 15

For some balance fun single leg stance airplanes x 1 min each leg adding rotation left and right, Repeat to other side.

Mosey to EBC parking lot.

The Thang:

Performed between concrete islands in right side of parking lot with 8 parking spaces in between.

Partner up: While partner A holds plank, partner B runs to opposite side, performs 20 merkins and returns, Partner B takes over and performs 19, etc. down to 10.

Partner B performs SSH while partner A runs across as above and performs 10 burpees, partner B starts at 9 burpees, etc down to 1.

Partner A performs flutter kicks while partner B runs across and performs 20 jump squats, partner A performs 19, etc down to 10 reps.

Bear crawl 2 parking spaces, crab walk 2 parking spaces, bear crawl, crab walk across parking lot to concrete island. Run back and repeat.

Lunge to second line, run backwards to start, lunge to 4th line, run backwards to start, repeat lunge to 6th line, run backwards back, repeat lunge to concrete island and run back.

Repeated single leg stance airplane as above x 1 minute each side.

Indian run around entire parking lot and back to scrooge.


QIC enjoyed bringing the pain this morning for Ginger. Discovered PAX needs some balance/stability work and it is always good to choose your partner wisely. Good times with the best of fellas today.

Announcements:  Monkey discovered after having an MRI of his neck that he is getting older and will therefore be bringing the pain with his lower extremities as he leads F3 Marion this Saturday. Clown car is in the making. PAX discussed/congratulated our brother Spirit Fingers (though absent) for a well fought campaign for school board. We need to continue to breed community leaders willing to step into the ring. Despite your political persuasion, every day is a new day to help make Americans great…again.

BOM: led by Knobby.

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