Thriller Beatdown

Pax Present: Yogi, Moped, Johnny5 (mostly), Clarice (a rare scrooge siting), Belding, Ginger, Squatter, Jefferson, FNG, Thriller (Q).

Warm Up:

25 Sidestraddle Hop. in Cadence.

15 Low Slow Squats. in Cadence.

The Thang:

Mosey to Entrance of Ebenezer Chase

Plank for the 6

5 Merkins


Bear crawl to next mailbox


Bear crawl to stop sign.

Indian Run to Entrance of Rutledge Manor.

Merkins in Cadence.

Mosey to first street.

25’s. Burpees and Monkey Humpers.

25 Overhead claps. 25 Little Baby Arm Circles. (HANDS up)

Mosey to culdesac.

25 Raise the roofs. 25 Forward Claps.

Mosey to railtrail.

35 Carolina Drydocks.

Mosey up rail trail toward AO.

Bear crawl to mile marker post.

Mosey to AO.

Over to playground.

35 Freddy Mercuries.

50 Hello Dollies.

50 LBCs touching heels.

50 LBCs touching knees.


Welcome Drydock. (Miquel BorBon)


-Exercise your right to vote on Tuesday.

-Coffeteria at KJ’s.

-Monkey is running Run Like A Nut 5k today.

Belding prayed.


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