Road Trip

When: 9/22/18
The Pax: Big Worm, Chewbacca, Futon, Spirit Fingers, Paycheck
FNG’s: EZ-Go, Guppy, Lunker
Conditions: 85 degrees F, humidity high
The Thang
Little Arm Circles X 20 IC; Reverse
Overhead Claps X 20 IC
Through the Tunnel X 10 IC
Bird Dogs x 10 IC
Mosey to Stop Sign
Road Trip
Since it was the first day of Fall, we decided to go on a tour and marvel at the changing colors of the leaves. But mostly to do Indian Runs to Briggs Elementary School, AKA Bulldog (proposed). We passed by EZ-Go’s house and Futon’s house on the way to remind them why and who they were at the Q for.
Pit Stop, Mile 0.75: Side Straddle Hops x 10 IC
Arrive at Baseball field which was very much a bumpy pasture rather than a baseball field. Knee injury opportunities were growing up out of the baseball field. Adapt and overcome, mosey to the Basketball Court.
Hanging with Mister Cooper (we were still in proximity of a chicken coop)
Partner A chooses his pull-up rings to dangle only or attempt 5 leg raises, knees-to-legs, Partner B runs to basketball court X5. Modify is welcome here; plank as needed.
Thunder from Down Under (that really sounds terrible)
Partner A performs Australian Pull-ups x5 reps, Partner B runs to the basketball court X5. When reps are complete, pushup are welcome. Modify is welcome as a plank.
Finish Road Trip. Run back to Royall. Extra Credit: Every 3rd telephone pole, turn around and run to the last telephone pole, then catch up. Mile 0.25: Side Straddle Hops X 10 IC.
Back at Royall: Mosey to front yard planter. Partner A: Dips 10x; Partner B: Little Baby Crunches (LBC’s) 5 rounds.
Burpees x 10 IC
Leg Raises x 10 IC
Circle of Trust: Name-o-Rama Naming FNG’s Guppy (welcome), EZ Go (welcome), & Lunker (welcome).
Ball of Man (BOM): Futon
Moleskin: These workouts look a lot easier on a yellow pad. Keeping Cadence is a lot like clapping your hands while trying to sing (or chew bubble gum and walk depending on who you are). It was an honor to have some FNG’s to show up to allow me to tear them down and build them back stronger for their families and our community.
  • Sign up to Q for 1st and 3rd ( Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar. Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.
  • Prayers for everyone with damage during the hurricane and those that continue to be impacted by it.

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