Deck of Death – Vegas Style

When: 6/9/18

QIC: Spirit Fingers – Sub for Uhaul

The Pax: CDC, Dunkin, Flo, Booger

Conditions: 70 and Sunny

The Thang



Little arm circles – 10 forward 10 reverse IC

Forward Claps – 15 IC

Through the tunnel – 20 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Mosey to the playground

Deck of Death

Spades-Merkins, Diamonds-Carolina Dry Docks, Clubs-Big Boy Sit-ups, Hearts-LBC, Jokers-10 pull-ups

Twist – After each Ace is pulled, do reps the take a lap around the school (.5 miles)

Each pax keeps the card they pull for buyout – Best 5 card hand wins

The Wager – Bidding starts at 5 merkins and can only go up. Reps + exercise must be more difficult than last bid. To fold you must do most recent wager. Bidding went as follows: Q-5 merkins, CDC-10 merkins, Booger-12 merkins, Flo-10 burpees, Dunkin 12 Burpees, Q-30 big boy sit-ups, CDC 15 Burpees, Booger-Bear crawl down the hill, Flo-20 Burpees, Dunkin-30 Burpees, Q-called(so did everyone else)

Q was the winner with 4 of a kind. Pax did 30 burpee buyout, Q did 15.



Moleskin: YHC had a pulled hammy which I disclosed upon starting so light running was the order. Somehow, we still did almost 2 miles as Dunkin informed me. Deck of death with the Vegas bidding was very fun. NO FOLDING at Rumble! Everyone stayed in. We will definitely be doing this again sometime. Numbers were a little down but lots of folks out this week. Keep on inviting and let’s keep moving forward.




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