Suicides with Yogi

Weather: 57 & Mild

PAX: Fender, Flanders, Squatter, Spam, Moped, Swan, Big Worm, Mr. Rogers, Pikachu, Scrambled Eggs, Johnny 5, Little Tony, Thriller, Spirit Fingers, Pinto, Yogi (QIC)


Mosey to TKA where disclaimer was given.

IW (IC) x20

Windmills (IC) x20

SSH (IC) x20

Merkins (IC) x10

Mountain Climbers (IC) x20


Mosey to adjacent parking lot

Burpee broad jump to 1st light pole

Bear crawl to the parked pickup truck (half way)

Lunge walk to the final light pole

Sprint back to the starting point and plank-o-rama for the 6

Mosey to EBT parking lot

Q calls Mary for the 6
(Flutters, Hello Dollys, and Leg Raises)

Yogi – cides (suicides Yogi style pun intended)

Sprint to each parking island and perform said exercise, sprint back to start perform one full burpee, and then proceed to the next island

Quadruple nickel (5-10-15-20)
Merkins @ each island

Diamond Plank-o-rama for the 6 with Diamond merkins ( 1 up to 5) 

Jump Squats

Diamond Plank-o-rama for the 6 with Diamond merkins ( 5 down to 1)

Flutter Kicks (4 count, however, no suicides this time)

Q calls Mary for the 6
(LBCs & Dying Cockroach) (IC)

Mosey back to launchpad

Diamond Plank-o-rama for the 6 with Diamond Mountain Climbers & Side Kicks

Burpee count off
Merkin circle

BOM led by Yogi

Moleskin: There was very little mumble chatter today. This was, more than likely, a direct result of the cardio in today’s workout. Squatter seemed to be impressed that the Q pre-planned a workout that required some form of predictability. Truthfully, the Q could not bear crawl the entire length of the parking lot so the parked vehicle looked like a great place to stop. 

Prayer Requests: Prayers for T-Bird’s mom, Milton’s Mom and daughter, and any of our brothers going through any personal hardships.  

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