3/26 Metal Monday…Sorta(Uhaul lol)

PAX: Squatter,SpiritFingers,ButterKnife,IceT,Kat,Flipper,Spam,Swan,Thriller,Biscuit,
Dizzy,Belding,Johnny5,MoPed,Milton,CDC,Shocka,Uhaul,MrRogers,FoXy,FNG Spackle


21 Pax with 1 FNG for a blistery 32 degree real-feel “Spring” gloom. Welcome FNG Spackle to the group (David Campbell). QIC still suffering from running and no sleep at P200 decided best activities would be to run around, carry stuff and run some more…workout covered approx 2.25 miles(some with extra coupons).

DaHoppas yard, 10 to 1 SSH – jog across – 1-10 Imperial Walkers

Workout 1
Partner up/Choose coupon (35lb kb, 35lb plate or 40lb sandbag) and run across street to Ebenezer Youth House…
weights down
– 100 Hand-release Merkins flip-flopping with partner doing LBCs(plank for 6)
– 10 Burpees each
– 100 Hand-release Merkins flip-floppin with partner doing flutter kicks(SSH for 6)

Run back to Hoppas yard with partner/weights

Workout 2
10 min AMRAP – Partner A Thrusters with weight, Partner B run a lap and rotate
5 min AMRAP – Partner A 5 Overhead press with weight / Partner B Squats and rotate

Back to parking lot weights down
-5 Burpees
-10 BBSitups
-15 CDDock
-20 Leg raises

-Easter drama at PSCOG with Thunderbird Fri and Sat night 7pm
-4/14 New AO launch at Royal Elementary #Rumble
-3rdF needs Qs, read Fridays backblast #Showup
-Shocka daughter getting married in June #prayersforfamily
-Share Freed to Lead book


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