Dunger From Down Under Q

Pax Present: Dugger (a.k.a Dunger), Vinyl, Foxy, Thriller, Gomer, Swan, Kat, Squatter, Banjo, Milton, Ginger, Knobby, Vela, Spam, Monkey.

Welcome and Disclaimers Given by Ginger.

Warm Up:


Little Baby Arm Circles

Mosey To Hopper’s Yard:

Two Laps

Mosey To Picnic Shelter

The Thang:

Merkin Pyramid

10, 15, 20, 25 and then back down.

LBCs for the 6.

Mosey Back to Hopper’s Yard

Bear Crawl halfway, Lunge Halfway.

Crabwalk back halfway, Lunge Halfway.

Burpee Broadjump halfway, Bear Crawl Halfway.

Skip Like A Little Girl Back (Duggar and Gomer were really talented at this.  Must be a new Citadel training technique.)

Mosey to Parking Lot.


Flutter Kicks

Partner Leg Push Down


Money being collected for pull up bars.  $175 collected so far.

3rd F Qs needed for Friday morning teachings on Spiritual Disciplines.  To quote Squatter, “BE A MAN!”

Circle of Trust: 16 Pax Present

Ginger closed with a glorious prayer while being poked and prodded by heathens.

pledge of allegiance to the flag that was stored in the back of Ginger’s truck.



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