Edward 40 Hands


When: 2/26/18


The Pax: Moped (RESPECT), Milton, Foxy, Yogi, Dizzy, Nancy, Swan (RESPECT), Spam (RESPECT), Mr. Rogers, Lamb Chop, Ice-T, KingPin (RESPECT), Vila, Nurse Jackie, Squatter, Butter Knife, Ginger (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), Big Worm, Pinto, Thunderbird, Thriller, Kat, Banjo, Johnny 5, Belding (RESPECT), Flanders, CDC (QIC)


Conditions: 62 degrees F, few drops of rain, humid, pollen count high          


The Thang





Arm Circles x 10 4CT IC Forward, x 10 4CT IC Backward, x 10 4CT IC Forward Claps, x 10 4CT IC Overhead Claps

SSH x 40 4CT IC


Mosey to TKA


Edward 40 Hands

1st 40: Run to target point (~50 yards away), 40 merkins, run to start point, 35 merkins, continue decreasing merkin count down by 5. (Total Merkins: 180)

2nd 40: Run to target point (~25 yards away), 10 burpees, lunge to start point, 10 burpees, bear crawl to target, 10 burpees, crabwalk to start point, 10 burpees


Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard


Mad (Junkyard) Dog 20/20

Partner Up. Each PAX will take turns completing 5 JYCs until each has done 20, for a total of 40 per Team of 2.

*Time was running low, so YHC decided to alter this workout to 20 per team…because 40 is the new 20, right??!!

*No time for flutterkicks, protractor, boxcutters, or plank ‘o’ rama. I guess I was prepared for a Saturday workout.



BOM: Ginger


Psalms 92: 12-15; 12 The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13 Those who are planted in the house of the Lord Shall flourish in the courts of our God. 14 They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing, 15 To declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

Mathew Henry’s Concise Commentary

God sometimes grants prosperity to wicked men in displeasure; yet they flourish but for a moment. Let us seek for ourselves the salvation and grace of the gospel, that being daily anointed by the Holy Spirit, we may behold and share the Redeemer’s glory. It is from his grace, by his word and Spirit, that believers receive all the virtue that keeps them alive, and makes them fruitful. Other trees, when old, leave off bearing, but in God’s trees the strength of grace does not fail with the strength of nature. The last days of the saints are sometimes their best days, and their last work their best work: perseverance is sure evidence of sincerity. And may every Sabbath, while it shows forth the Divine faithfulness, find our souls resting more and more upon the Lord our righteousness.



Brothers, thank you for letting me lead you this morning. This is the 3rd birthday that I’ve been able to celebrate with you in the gloom.   I’m thankful for that opportunity.  Thanks to Ginger for allowing me to overshadow his birthday once again (gotta be quicker signing up to Q brother).  Mumblechatter included some “old man” comments today…guess I need to get used to that. However, the longer we went, the quieter it got…other than Nurse Jackie telling me that I suck…in between gasping for air. 3 PAX (Foxy, Milton, Mr. Rogers) chose the harder thing and rucked 4 miles pre-bootcamp. Foxy and Milton chose the hardest thing and also rucked the workout. Tclaps to these Pathfinders!

Thank you to the PAX that helped inspire this workout…I know where at least one of you were this morning…the other….??? To recap: for my 40th birthday, a few PAX gave me two 40s (as in 40 oz of cheap beer for the more righteous in our group). Pinto reminded me about a game (not sure why he knows about it) called Edward 40 Hands. In the “game”, you duct tape a 40 in each hand. You must completely drink each to have the bottles removed from your hands. This would be a horrible workout idea, but I wanted to try and replicate the feeling you might have at the end of the game…hahaha. I’m a little disappointed that there was no merlot…but I think that the desired muscle fatigue was attained!

Here’s to hoping that now that I’ve made it “over the hill” that I continue to bear fruit, more than I ever did during the climb, and that my best days and best works lie ahead of me.



  • 2nd F Dinner on Thursday, San Jose Tacos and Tequila, 6pm
  • Pray for the Hill family, who moved to Florida 2 years ago from Florence and were members of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Many members of the youth group at their current church are students at Parkland High School.  The Hills’ daughter, Lauren, has three friends (Isabella, Bruna, and Allison) that attend Parkland High School and witnessed the shooting.  Please keep these young girls in your prayers.
  • Pray for Pinto’s mother-in-law who is having knee replacement surgery today.
  • Foxy reminded all of us to read and like the backblasts on f3florence.org (I second that!)
  • Happy 41st Birthday Ginger!

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