Monkey’s Brick House Q

Date: 02-19-18

Q: Monkey

Pax: dunkin, johnny 5, squatter, pinto, milton, lamb chop, knobby, biscuit, monkey, butterknife,big worm, swan, kat, foxy, dizzy, thrilla, ice tea, thunderbird

The weather was a 54 degrees with the wind coming out of the ESE @ 5 mph.

So things got started about 2 minutes late because the Q was busy playing with his wienke! Please excuse me on that one but the wife was out of town and it just took me a little longer to get going this morning. But luckily the pax took it upon themselves to mosey around hoppas yard a couple of times until I came galloping like a gazzelle out of the gloom.



Pick your bricks

4 count Flutter kicks×20 IC

Dying Cockroach × 10 IC

Baby arm circles × 10 IC forward then reverse

Squat ×20 IC

Mosey to TKA parking lot with some spirit runs sprinkled in to honor Spirit Fingers while he smart sacks with some leg issues.

Partner up

Round 1

P1- run lot 20 merkins with manmaker half way  point each way

P2- Jump squat

Flap jack till each partner runs twice

Round 2

P1-runs lot 20 4count SSH with manmakers at half way point each way

P2- flutter kick(dizzy at this point had quit except for evaluating Q’s form)

Flap jack till each partner runs twice

Mosey to back lot to cinderblock pile. Each pax was responsible for 2 blocks with some stepping up to get 3. The time hack was 3 minutes and it took us 4:47! I will have to enforce a penalty for my next Q.

Mosey back to scrooge with some spirit sprinkled in.

Plank for the count and name-o-rama


Moleskin- It is great that the pax seem to be re-energized and looking to make better versions of themselves. CDC and Pinto made it out safely from the Bragg Heavy. Sadly 1 of their brothers was not so lucky and the event ended early. Prayers went out to  the Jerome Gonzales family. Prayers to swans dad who is battling bladder cancer. Also it was noted that ginger no showed out of fear he would be blamed for the dissappearing blocks!

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