CDC’s Pre-Bragg Farewell Q

When: 2/12/18


23 PAX: Moped (RESPECT), Nick Long (FNG-Nancy), Foxy, Banjo, Knobby, Dizzy, KingPin (RESPECT), Milton, Shocka (RESPECT), Monkey, Swan (RESPECT), Squatter, Ice-T, Biscuit, Thunderbird, Vila, Pinto, Kat, Spam (RESPECT), Big Worm, Ginger, Thriller, CDC (QIC)


Conditions:   65 degrees F, damp, but no rain


The Thang





Little Arm Circles x 10 Frontward 4CT IC, x 10 Backward 4CT IC

Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC, Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC

Air Squared x 15 4CT IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 4CT IC


Mosey behind baseball field for flatbacks to get a concrete block. Oh, guess what, they were stolen again…great! Anywho…think, think, think…

Merkins x 10 4CT IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 4CT IC

Boxcutters x 10 4CT IC



Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard


Choose Your Own Adventure

  • The PAX needs to get from one side of Hoppa’s yard to the other. PAX decides…we somehow did all of them. The actual choices were ordered something like this:

A: Burpee Dans: Perform 1 burpee: 4 lunges. (#2)

B: Tunnel of Love (#4)

*Will someone tell Milton that the amount of eye contact he gives everyone while backwards worm crawling through the tunnel of love makes everyone uncomfortable?

C: Bear Crawl (#1)

D: Crab Walk (#3) *Unfortunately, we did not have concrete blocks to carry for this.


Jerry Can Carry

Partner up. Partner A carries Jerry Can across Hoppa’s yard. Flapjack. Partner B carries Jerry can back. Before PAX carry Jerry Can away, they called out an exercise for everyone else to do AMRAP (This was a great audible, as I originally wanted to do various block/ruck exercises.) Exercises included: Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Cherry Pickers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Diamond Merkins, Lt. Dangers…


Mosey back to parking lot



BOM: Knobby



It was an honor to lead you this morning brothers. Mumble chatter was high, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I hate that I had to deprive all the flatbacks from carrying some extra weight, but obviously concrete blocks are a hot commodity. I’ll make sure to make my next Q heavier.

Speaking of heavy…if you had told me 2 years ago that I would be about to attempt some type of 24 hour endurance event…and then explained to me what GORUCK was and what it would entail…I would have thought you were crazy. Interestingly, now that I am signed up for said event, most people think that I am crazy. I appreciate all of the support and encouragement during this training cycle.  Looking forward to sharing some battle stories with all of you next week!



  • Prayers to the Layman family, a friend of Banjo in Hawaii, for the loss of their father and husband, Michael.
  • YHC and Pinto will be starting our Admin portion of the Joe Warner Memorial Bragg Heavy at 5pm on Friday, with the event starting promptly at 6pm. Plan is to finish sometime Saturday night. We’d appreciate your prayers. For those that have access, the event will be live streamed on the GORUCK GRT FB page.

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