Ménage à FTrois

When: 10/2/17


The Pax: Kingpin (RESPECT), Dizzy, Swan (RESPECT), Thriller, Monkey, (RESPECT), Spam (RESPECT), Shop Vac, DustBuster (FNG), Bobby B, Knobby, Squatter, Big Worm, CDC (QIC), Flanders (QIC), Spirit Fingers (QIC)

Conditions:   55 degrees F, nice and cool, low humidity

The Thang


Warm-up (W/ CDC)

“Shock and Awe”

Burpee Countdown: 10 burpees OYO … 9 burpees OYO … 8 burpees OYO …etc…2 burpees OYO …

Here we stop to ask DustBuster (Thank you for an FNG today!) what the next exercise is going to be. “One burpee, OYO,” is the confident reply.


10 burpees OYO. AND….we’re 10 minutes into the workout.

An OBT favorite! He’d be happy to know that I’m still using what he taught me to bring the pain to F3 Florence!


Little Arm Circles x 10 Frontward 4CT IC, x 10 Backward 4CT IC

Frontward Claps x 20 4CT IC

Overhead Claps x 20 4CT IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 4CT IC


Flutter Kicks x 20 4CT IC


4 Corners (Flanders’ Special)

10 merkins/10 squats at each corner of tennis courts x 4 Rounds

*Plank for the 6

***Bonus Round*** to get 200 reps each and 1 mile (per Flanders)


Mosey to Playground (For Spirit Fingers to find his inner child)


LBCs x 50 OYO

American Hammers x 25 2CT OYO

Spirit Big Boy Sit-ups (Arms above your head) x 50 OYO

Gas Pumpers x 25 OYO

V-ups x 25 OYO

LBCs x 25 OYO



BOM: Dizzy


Brothers, thank you for allowing us to lead you this morning! I believe that fun was had by all. If not, it was Flanders’ fault.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the injured in Las Vegas and the families of those that died.



  • If you’re not running Ragnar Trail October 6th/7th, consider the: Pee Dee Coalition 5K/15K Breaking Free Run on October 7th, 0900 https://runsignup.com/Race/SC/Florence/PeeDeeCoalition5K15KBreakingFreeRun
  • Ragnar Trail is Friday through Saturday. F3 Florence is being represented by 16 PAX (2 teams of 8). You might have your favorite, but I’m feeling good about the underdog, Team Monkey’s, chances.

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