Two Headed Monster Q

When: 9/16/17

QIC: Big Worm/Yogi

The Pax: Big Worm (QIC), Yo – Gi (QIC), Yoshi, Banjo, Air Head, Bellding, Spit Shine, Kat, Thunderbird, Uhaul, Flanders, Jefferson, Pinto, Spam, Moped, Ginger

Conditions:   70 degrees F


SSH x15, Tempo Merkins x15, Little Arm circles x15, Overhead claps x15, Fwd claps x15, low slow squats x15

The Thang:

Line up on the far end of Da Hoppa’s yard for 3Rds


Odd Ladder of Merkins/Squats 11 to 1 (Back peddles in between)


Even Ladder of LBCs/SSH 12 to 2 (side shuffle in between)


Ladder of Merkins/Burpees 5 to 1 (karaoke in between)


Big Worm:

Partner up, as a team: 50 burpees & 50 pullups, 100 HR merkins & 100 BBS, 100 dips & 100 decline merkins.

Mosey to field, partner A bear crawls around field, partner B does 5 burpees. Partner A sprints to partner B then flap jack.

Jail break back to parking lot

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