Cool Casino Morning

When: 9/13/17

QIC: Moped (RESPECT), Knobby, Little Tony, Kat (Runner), Ginger, Woolery (Welcome Back), Thriller, Dizzy, Belding (RESPECT), Big Worm, Swan (RESPECT-late AND left early), Major Payne (Runner), CDC

The Pax: CDC (QIC)

Conditions:   63 degrees F, felt a bit warmer with my long sleeved shirt on

The Thang



SSH x 20 4CT IC

Through the Tunnel x 20 4CT IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 4CT IC

Little Arm Circles x 10 Frontward 4CT IC, x 10 Backward 4CT IC

1 Lap around Hoppa’s Yard

*We initially circled up in Hoppa’s Yard, instructions were given, but I was convinced by some of the PAX to move the workout to the playground. It wasn’t a difficult sell considering my propensity to be attacked by fire ants every time my body comes into contact with the ground. At least it helped increase our running when Jokers came up!

Deck of Death: Clubs (Merkins), Hearts (Squats), Spades (Burpees), Diamonds (LBCs), Jokers (1 lap around Hoppa’s Yard)

*Jack 11 reps, Queen 12 reps, King 13 reps, Ace 14 reps


Merkins: 104

Squats: 104

Burpees: 104

LBCs: 104

Laps: 2

1 extra lap around Hoppa’s Yard for good measure


Plank-o’rama: High, One Arm (R, L), High


Flutter Kicks x 20 4CT IC


Boxcutters x 20 4CT IC




BOM: Dizzy



Today was a lot of fun brothers! Monkey made me aware last night (right before a 7 mile run) on messenger that I was scheduled to Q today…I didn’t even realize that. Luckily, he volunteered to be Back-up Q if I couldn’t make it…and then proceeded to sleep until 6:35am, needing his daughter to wake him and his wife up (WHAT WERE THEY DOING LAST NIGHT?!!!). Anyway, I was available for a little Casino fun with the Deck of Death. As usual, one exercise, burpees in this case, seemed to be clustered near the end. Seems like fate. Mumble Chatter was high, probably because Dizzy was there. We learned a lot about PSCOG vs Newspring theology/practices in between catching our breath during burpees (FYI: In the KDV, aka King Dizzy Version, his words will always appear in green.) Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time for Black Jack. Sounds like a great idea for a Saturday Q…amirite? Thanks for letting me lead you today brothers!


Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for family in Dizzy’s church with multiple critical injuries from a car accident
  • Prayers for a family in my practice who recently lost their young child in a car accident


  • Palmetto Street Church of God is continuing to accept hurricane relief supplies through the weekend. Sunday, September 17th will be the final day for collection. Please bring your donations by the church during office hours or during our Midweek and Sunday services. Further information can be found on their facebook page:

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