How many Knerkins can Chuck Norris do? All of them!


When: 8/30/17


The Pax: Knobby, Sparkles, Swan (RESPECT), Uhaul, Belding (RESPECT), Moped (RESPECT), Mr. Rogers, Spam (RESPECT)l, Big Worm, Dizzy, Ginger, Speed Walker, Kat (running), Squatter, CDC (QIC)

Conditions: 65 degrees F, perfect weather for a beatdown

The Thang




Knerkins x 10 4CT IC

Through the Tunnel x 10 4CT IC

SSH x 10 4CT IC

Knerkins x 10 4CT IC

Little Arm Circles x 10 Forward 4CT IC, x 10 Backward 4CT IC

Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC

Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC

Knerkins x 10 4CT IC


Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard

Dora 1-2-3

Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 runs to target point and back. Flapjack until team goal is reached.

  • 100 Knerkins
  • 200 Heels to Heaven
  • 300 Jump Squats

*4 x 4 for the 6 (Burpee into plank, then perform 4 mountain climbers each leg)

4 Cones (placed around Hoppa’s Yard)

Bear crawl to 1st cone

5 Big Boy Sit-ups

Crab walk to 2nd cone

5 Big Boy Sit-ups

Fiddler Crab walk to 3rd cone

5 Big Boy Sit-ups

Side Bear Crawls to 4th cone

5 Big Boy Sit-ups

*Plank for the 6



*I discovered that knerkin plank’o’rama is more difficult than you would think, and therefore modified.




BOM: Knobby



So, I MIGHT have changed up my workout a little after being poked a little bit on messenger by Uhaul, saying I typically include only 10 knerkins in my workouts. If you modified your knerkins today to merely merkins…you missed out really increasing your Chuck Norris punching power. However, it is YOUR workout. Fortunately, I did not get attacked by any more fire ants, as my arm is finally healing and does not look like I have an infectious disease any more.Fun was had by all. Hopefully, everyone was left with a reminder of that fun throughout the day and beyond. Thanks for letting me lead you again brothers!



  • Upcoming M*A*R*C*H: September 7th, 6:30-8:45pm at the BCM Building at FMU. Speakers include our own Belding, who will give us a verse, drop some knowledge. You don’t want to miss this!
  • Ragnar Trail a little over a month away!
  • Prayers for Mr. Rogers’ mom.

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